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  1. Update: Using a surge protector took care of the issue. Thanks guys
  2. I appreciate your view. It still is a great bang for the buck. Just not as future proof as we thought it would be. Intentional or not it is a very big issue. They kept Maxwell architecture a well guarded secret until it blew up. Pretty sure someone at nvdia's team must have noticed the mishap. For people who get a new rig every year it might be a great issue, but as i was planning to use it for atleast 3 to 4 years with sli it is a deal breaker.
  3. True that! Shadows of mordor Ultra texture pack recommends 6gb vram Its interesting that you brought up OS! Nvidia knows maximum users have windows and how it will access the memory but they still continued. Some linux users have been saying that they the OS have less issues with accessing the last 0.5gb. Best thing I've read on the net about 970: -If you refund you we will see 990 soon made out of the same chips -If you keep the 970 you are letting it be okay to f**k up -If you upgrade to 980 you are rewarding Nvidia -If you switch to red team you are buying a old tech that doubles as a room heater. We can't win P.S - Im still without a gfx card lol
  4. Yeah they are basically saying "deal with it". Also a lot of things don't line up, this turned off L2 cache seem cooked up as bios still shows 64 Rop . There is already a petition for refund and the forums threads have hundreds of thousands of views. Nvidia's stock price is on a downfall aswell.
  5. Yes its grounded. Since i don't have a card yet i haven't been gaming. Just browsing, youtub-ing and such. So no CPU heavy load. It actually started to buzz while I am typing this. I read on tom's hardware it could be capacitor a dying? However my unit is new.
  6. I couldn't find a thread on 970 here. The internet is explooding about the memory issues. Anyone own them? what do you plan on doing now? I had a msi gaming 4g 970 on order from a local shop but i cancelled it. Now i gotta get a 980 or r9 290x oooor wait 6 months for r9 3xx
  7. Thanks a bunch!! This should be helpful. I'm planning on mounting a nepton 240m on the side for crossflow. Lets see if i can make it work
  8. Starts randomly and goes away randomly. No graphics card. Cancelled 970 order due to the Vram fiasco, gonna get 980 or will wait for R9 3xx. Thanks
  9. Hi guys, My week old V750 PSU is making buzzing noise. The sound quite sharp and outright annoying. I'm quite worried it might end up damaging other hardware. Any idea whats going on. Thanks Spec: i7 4790k MSI Z97 gaming 5 Kingston HyperX Fury 1866 C10 8gb WD Blue 1TB HDD CM V750 PSU Cm Storm Trooper Window
  10. Sorry for not being clear i was asking whether Nepton 240m or Nepton 280l. Alright pull setup exhausting from case it is then. Where can i find info on tube length though. Thanks a bunch
  11. Hi guys! I just recently got a new rig based on the Trooper Window. However, I'm still running the 4790k on stock cooling (I know bad idea). Planning on an upgrade to a Nepton cooler. Provided my first priority is cooling and then silence. I will also to doing heavy OC-ing. Please kindly solve my following dilemmas: -240m or 280l -Is it possible to bottom mount 280l as im fond of the 200m top fan. -Push or pull? Or both -In case of bottom mount. How does hot air from radiator affect gpu or vice versa. (MSI Twin Frozr V GTX 970) Thanks in advance