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  1. i didn't really know where to put this, but as it isn't a scratch build i will put it in tower mod ( even though this is a laptop) i did originally plan on making a complete custom case for this, but i had to study for exams and do coursework, and i didn't have enough money to buy all the materials to build it. however, in a half term i recently had, i had a few days spare and decided to mod my laptop; - this is the result. it was originally a toshiba a300, but i have changed out the RAM, and drives for better ones, and have given it a custom spray. granted this isn't the most powerful build to be submitted, or even the prettiest, but i really enjoy the results and wanted to share them with a community. it is currently running a dual boot of OSX 10.7 and windows. i would love to read your thoughts on my laptop
  2. Sadly wont be able to finnish this project due to no money :c i will finish thr project but will not be able tl finish for the case mod compo.
  3. the back plate of the monitor housing is done and painted..
  4. Ok guys.. here we go... I am Going to be modifying the Toshiba satellite pro a300 laptop. yes thats right. a laptop. you may indeed call me crazy, maybe so ambitious, but by :) or high water i am doing this!! The plan: sooo modding a laptop i much more complex than a tower mod (no offence to the custo tower builders, y'all lovely people). you have to rip apart components like the batteries, create custom mounting hardware; it gets complex i think its a good idea to lay out a plan: create the back of the monitor housing paint said housing install the wifi antennas in the housing with the screen create front plate and hinge covers create the base of the laptop paint said mainboard create mount points for the mainboard and screen hinges upgrade the mainboard with a new processor and (maybe) new ram install the mainboard in the base install new drives into the laptop create a top plate with mounting points for power lights, trackpad, power button and keyboard install the battery after testing the grounds of the mainboard install the top plate install a tri boot os setup i think this is a good outline... wish me luck link to laptop spec page --> http://www.toshiba.co.uk/discontinued-products/satellite-pro-a300-193/