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  1. Elite 130 + Nepton 120XL

    Thanks Man, that helps
  2. Elite 130 + Nepton 120XL

    So you have the tubings points towards the GPU?
  3. Elite 130 + Nepton 120XL

    Do you possibly have one from the other side, where I can see the pumped mounted? Thanks, Bruce
  4. Elite 130 + Nepton 120XL

    Do you have pics of one installed? I do not see the nepton 120XL listed as compatible on the site for the elite 130, i see the Seidons, eisenberg, etc, but the pump is different on the nepton isnt it? That is why I was trying to find a pic of an nepton 120xl installed already. I have the system built with a Gemini in there, and it looks pretty tight already, even with the shorter CM power supply. Bruce
  5. Elite 130 + Nepton 120XL

    Has any one tried to put a nepton120 XL in to a elite 130 yet? Any pics if you were successful?