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  1. Hi Guys now I'm done with my build Here the finals Images. And a Little Video wow so many pictures I hope you guys liked my first real project is finished.
  2. Update time Now i must say Thank you for the awesome support to Avexir Now finally, I was able to install a proper water cooling loop with parts of Bitspower so far up to this point soon there will be more to watch
  3. Hi people The next update for this I thank you Cooler Master for the awesome JetFlow fan´s These look really great in my Bulid here are some pictures
  4. Hi there people's time for another update I have built a substructure for the case for my two 360mm radiators now I have some new pictures for you
  5. Nice Stuff for the Top Panel from my good friend Marco Silva aka Fenix MS1.1
  6. it was first Next I build everything apart again and then comes the custom water cooling loop with a base for radiators 2 x 360
  7. Hi people Her is my Projekt I call it white snake I hope you like it Here are a few pictures is not ready yet