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  1. It could be that it works that way properly, it certainly does for you. But two sources from CM (who contradict each other) recommend a different way for their customers to configure their product. And if given the choice between a random person and Cooler Master, who's word should the customer take? They need to clarify this once and for all.
  2. That's like the 4th different configuration method for the pump + fan connector placement that I've read about. This guy works for CM and he places the pump connector on a Fan header on the mobo. Clearly, not "as easy as that" and this really needs to be clarified once and for all by Cooler Master. Seriously, I've never had the displeasure of dealing with such useless instructions. And this isn't just me; if you go to or other sites with reviews, you will see many people list the instruction manual as a con and have really negative things to say about it.
  3. After owning a Nepton 240m for about 1 week, my pump started rattling. After doing some research, it turns out this is somewhat of a common problem with the 240m. I followed the instructions included with the Nepton 240m to a tee. Then I find an installation video on the Cooler Master YouTube channel that contradicts a few things that the instructions states. And now I'm reading THIS! What is going on here and can we please get the be-all, end-all instructions on how to install and configure these Nepton AIOs? And I do believe Mohd Noh Tanjong has the right idea because he knows what will cause a rattle and how to prevent it! As a customer, I'm pretty upset at how this has played out. I've likely got a defective pump and I'm hoping that I will be able to correct the rattling by adjusting the RPM speed of the pump and hoping that I haven't permanently damaged it. If not, I've gotta go return my Nepton or file an RMA claim. If it's permanently damaged, I will be without a computer for a few weeks. @ Cooler Master.