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  1. Hi everyone! Another video and this time about placing a reservoir on the case! What do you guys think? I will post some photos later! Best Regards tankian!
  2. Happy to share some photos about the building phase! Continues in the spoiler Best Regards tankian!
  3. Some ask me how does the case performs in temperatures, well there you have it! Best Regards Tankian!
  4. Hi everyone tankian here and I'm happy to share my lastest complete project! Well this time decide to invest and buy a ITX H97 MB to do something that should already have done since the Dark Side Machine project, I always felt limited with the ATX format and now I had the financial opportunity to buy an mini-ITX and could not escape! I chose the ELITE 120 from Cooler Master to work with, I had everything in mind before I went to get it, but I had that feeling that it was going to be very small and that I would regret it ... BUT NO! Well I was super surprised with the space and saw soon that it was going to give to what it wanted to do. The concept I chose is "ALL TERRAIN", and I will not paint it in camouflage! Ahahah Basically the goal is to make the Case as beautiful and as "radical" as possible, but it also makes it even more capable and that's where the concept comes in, making the case capable of things that it originally can not. I want to improve is "image", the air circulation by adding a 240 radiator, put the cover to open otherwise, reposition the PSU elsewhere, well a date of things that may change once the project has no "guide lines "In 3D as I usually do FINAL RESULT So everything will be showed in the videos bellow: COOLER MASTER ELITE 120 - THE BEGINNING OF THE BEAST - #1 ALL TERRAIN PROJECT COOLER MASTER ELITE 120 - THE BEAST AWAKENS - #2 ALL TERRAIN PROJECT COOLER MASTER ELITE 120 - BEAST READY FOR PAINT - #3 ALL TERRAIN PROJECT COOLER MASTER ELITE 120 - PAINT DONE, MOUNTING DONE, BEAST DONE! - #4 ALL TERRAIN PROJECT COOLER MASTER ELITE 120 - MOD DONE! COMPLETE! - #5 ALL TERRAIN PROJECT So hope you guys like the final result, I'm really happy to share this with you, if you like it, share, subscribe! Best Regards Tankian!
  5. Feel free to support me by voting http://makerhub.coolermaster.com/portfolio-item/mod-gallery-project-evo-tankian-alberto-soares/ Best of luck to everyone!
  6. Hi everyone! Well the project is completed, it was 2/3 months of some ups and downs all culminating for this moment. The completion of this project is a big step for me, proving once again my ability to do something different from everything that has been done! I am very happy to be able to show the final result, so here it goes, I hope you like it! #4 VIDEO: IMAGES Hope you like it! Best of luck to everyone, tankian.
  7. #4 Video Photos: Sneak peak reveal video Well Next video will be the reveal one, right now I'm working on small details and waitting for a PCI E from the graphics card. You can follow my pages in the following link: https://www.facebook.com/tankiantheman/ https://www.youtube.com/user/epajamorri Best Regards tankian.
  8. #3 Video Evolution in images: (Still in Update) Actual State / Sneak peak for next video: About the project, everything is going as planned and at the moment I have to do some "nails" on the side covers so they can be removable. I already have the water cooling system "bleed" (will not have tank) and being my first time in water cooling I am very satisfied with the result. Resuming next week I want, as I said in the video, to put everything together so that any changes that need to be made are made before painting. You can follow my social networks in the following links: https://www.facebook.com/tankiantheman/ https://www.youtube.com/user/epajamorri Best Regards Tankian the man
  9. #2 Video Evolution in Images: Well hope you like the video and the content on it, I'm trying my best to deliver the best mod I can make with the tools and possibilities I have and at the same time showing you all the handcraft work around it. Once again thank you Cooler Master for believing in me! You can follow my page on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tankiantheman or my youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEtyqavc8IDQ3GZfjyRmJfA Best Regards Tankian The Man
  10. Well the fires are being shot at the working area. Hope I can make the episode 2 this weekend! Best of luck!
  11. Hello, as I promissed I want to make a quick resume about Project Evo concept and plans. So speaking about the idea, basicly I'm on the Tower Mod category and like previous years I notice most tower projects never leave the "Box" concept, and for a "scracther builder" being stuck on the "box" is a bit strange so I started to think outside the "box" ( ), to be honest I really needed to think that way because was I said I cant afford all the fancy WC's system most "box" projects have, so finding a new design as really challenging since the Master Case 5 was been already so modded. So basicly the idea was finding a new way to look at the Master Case 5. So Idea found () and Project Evo born, lets see how things are going in this first video! #1 Video Images: Model 3D Evolution Actual state: Hope you like it, I'm enjoying this project alot, I'm still looking for sponsor so if you want to join this project its a good time to do it! You can follow me in the following pages: https://www.facebook.com/tankiantheman/ https://www.youtube.com/user/epajamorri Best regards, tankian!
  12. Hello everyone! I will make a small update since I have to edit all the videos there I've been doing this week, probably this weekend I will update this post correctly! For now there is the sneak peak! Follow my page for more real time updates https://www.facebook.com/tankiantheman/ Best Regards tankian!
  13. Hi thanks I've already done it this morning, best regards!
  14. Sponsors: (thank you so much Cooler Master Portugal) Hello everyone and welcome to Project Evo worklog! My name is Alberto, I'm from Portugal and its my 3º year in this contest. First of all I dont intend to win anything to be honest I do this as a hobby and I dont have a big bugget to add WC system and all that fancy stuff, but I got to start with something so hope you guys like this project Speak about the project, this year I will mod a Master Case 5 hand over by Cooler Master Portugal to which I thank a lot. The base concept is already decided, I'm still in planning fase, but everything is going pretty good in my opinion. For now I cant give you more information about the project since that is on planning fase. By the way I plan to make a Videolog about the project so it can be easy for me to explain and show you all the content. Concept 1.0 Concept 2.0 (in progress) Master Case 5 state Was I said alot needs to be explained but I decided to, a least, set my idea here to avoid copying. You can follow my page on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tankiantheman or my youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEtyqavc8IDQ3GZfjyRmJfA Best of luck for everyone! Tankian The Man
  15. Hi everyone, I wanna share with you my new page about my projects, feel free to share and join https://www.facebook.com/tankiantheman Best of luck for you all!
  16. Day 10 Project Finished Hello everyone the project is finish and I'm really happy with the result, is true that the project could be finish sometime ago but sometimes stuff dont go was planned, in the end everything went donne and finish like I wanted. General Conclusion The project received a new name given to the subject I decided to opt already in the final part of the project now being named "Dark Side Machine". At the beginning I had the following ideas: simplicity, mobility, color and functionality. Simplicity - project through materials and tools available to all people. Mobility - project with identical dimensions and weight of an ATX tower, almost every weekend walk with her in the car and for now I didn't face any problem, 5 *. Color - red, white and black are the predominant colors in the project since i have followed the theme "Dark Side" of Star Wars. Functionality - allows excellent temperatures, cable management and easy access to inside components. Materials used for the project were essentially: - Square Aluminum Tube - Corner Aluminum pieces - Square Iron Tube - Plates Acrylic White - Plates Acrylic Transparent - Rivets and "L" corners - White and Black Paint - Vinyl Black In the end I used easy materials to find and use, was also one of the main points of the project, so you can bring other people motivated to create their own projects ate home, of course it is necessary to spend some money, but the satisfaction of doing something ours and overcome all of the dificultys you have is fantastic! I present to you the "Dark Side Machine" Day mode: Night Mode: (with special guests) I want to thank Cooler Master Portugal and SilverStone Technology for their support, without them the project would never have gotten to this point. I want to thank especially the Sofia Mota (Cooler Master) and Karin Lee (SilverStone) for being great people, my girlfriend Janete Lopes for the patience and help, to Hugo Matias for help in photo shootting, Steve Santos for patience in parts stores and all others who have followed and supported the project a big thank you! Best Regards, Alberto Soares aka tankian
  17. Day 9 Hi, for today I'm only showing a little of the work that I've donne yesterday, more photos will come soon Hope you guys like it! (Missing some adjustments) Best Regards, Alberto Soares
  18. DAY 8 Hello everyone! I'm back after one month without giving news, I had some problems and that prevented me from continuing the project ... but I'm back now and full force to end this! So I decide to use Star Wars was the theme for the project, in the beginning it was my first choice, but I end up not calling it, but now I'm feelling more confident that is the right thing to use. I'm a new Star Wars fan thing and the better way I can prove how much I like it is giving this theme for this project. Let the Dark Side be with you! Well already have the cut acrylics, and tests to see if they need to do more holes or not, because the upper ventilation (air exit) The covers also already ready as you can see in the photos. Actual State Next step will be ilumination, vinils and paint details I hope you enjoy the result will not be long to complete the project and have some regret not having done already for some time, but not everything goes as we want the important thing is to finish! Best Regards. Alberto Soares
  19. Day 7 Hello everyone! I'm on the final details of the case, I decided to mount everything to make some tests! List to do: - Acrilics - Small details in paint - Vinyl stripes in blue - Cable combs in place For now what I can remenber is this Hope you like it, next update probably will be the "big final" Best Regards, Alberto Soares aka tankian
  20. thank you so much! Best Regards
  21. Day 6 Hi, thanks so much for the words mate hope to see some new stuff about your project! I got some really good news about the project, the light in the end of the tunel is getting realy closer! After thinking alot about the colors to paint the case I decided to use the following colors: -Black -White -Blue With the colors choosed I started to isolate what I wanted in white color, the blue color will be used in vinyl, I didnt decide what kinda graphics will use. I've donne the covers holes for the fans to. First the covers holes: Painting: PCI cover And now the case ready to paint: :wub: Paint donne: Hope you guys like it, next step will be getting the acrilics and all stuff mount to see how it looks Best Regards, Alberto Soares aka tankian
  22. Day 5 Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce that Cooler Master is supporting this project, it's the second time they sponsor one of my projects. This year I received a powerfull box! Lets check it out! - Cooler Master V1200 Platinum - Cooler Master MasterGel Maker Nano I wanna thanks to Cooler Master Portugal, in particularly to Sofia Mota for being an awesome person! :thumbup: Now about the Case! So I have painted all the structure and inside covers and placed the USB 3.0 and the Power Button! Riser: First layer of black textured tint Sanded the paint to make it more smoth Final layer of black textured tint USB 3.0 fixed in place Some rubber pads in the "legs" of the case Power button getting fixed in place Hope you guys like it, and see you next update!! Best Regards, Alberto Soares aka tankian
  23. Day 4 Hello everyone! I got some news about the project, I have receive some stuff from SilverStone that I thanks so much for their support to this project! Once again thanks so much for the support SilverStone! Now the project Update! At my home: At my girlfriend home: (new graphics card support) At home again but this time painted with primer drying my house "fireplace". Hope you guys like the update! Best Regards, Alberto Soares aka tankian