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  1. Hi everyone! Another video and this time about placing a reservoir on the case! What do you guys think? I will post some photos later! Best Regards tankian!
  2. Happy to share some photos about the building phase! Continues in the spoiler Best Regards tankian!
  3. Some ask me how does the case performs in temperatures, well there you have it! Best Regards Tankian!
  4. Hi everyone tankian here and I'm happy to share my lastest complete project! Well this time decide to invest and buy a ITX H97 MB to do something that should already have done since the Dark Side Machine project, I always felt limited with the ATX format and now I had the financial opportunity to buy an mini-ITX and could not escape! I chose the ELITE 120 from Cooler Master to work with, I had everything in mind before I went to get it, but I had that feeling that it was going to be very small and that I would regret it ... BUT NO! Well I was super surprised with the space and saw soon that it was going to give to what it wanted to do. The concept I chose is "ALL TERRAIN", and I will not paint it in camouflage! Ahahah Basically the goal is to make the Case as beautiful and as "radical" as possible, but it also makes it even more capable and that's where the concept comes in, making the case capable of things that it originally can not. I want to improve is "image", the air circulation by adding a 240 radiator, put the cover to open otherwise, reposition the PSU elsewhere, well a date of things that may change once the project has no "guide lines "In 3D as I usually do FINAL RESULT So everything will be showed in the videos bellow: COOLER MASTER ELITE 120 - THE BEGINNING OF THE BEAST - #1 ALL TERRAIN PROJECT COOLER MASTER ELITE 120 - THE BEAST AWAKENS - #2 ALL TERRAIN PROJECT COOLER MASTER ELITE 120 - BEAST READY FOR PAINT - #3 ALL TERRAIN PROJECT COOLER MASTER ELITE 120 - PAINT DONE, MOUNTING DONE, BEAST DONE! - #4 ALL TERRAIN PROJECT COOLER MASTER ELITE 120 - MOD DONE! COMPLETE! - #5 ALL TERRAIN PROJECT So hope you guys like the final result, I'm really happy to share this with you, if you like it, share, subscribe! Best Regards Tankian!
  5. Feel free to support me by voting http://makerhub.coolermaster.com/portfolio-item/mod-gallery-project-evo-tankian-alberto-soares/ Best of luck to everyone!
  6. Hi everyone! Well the project is completed, it was 2/3 months of some ups and downs all culminating for this moment. The completion of this project is a big step for me, proving once again my ability to do something different from everything that has been done! I am very happy to be able to show the final result, so here it goes, I hope you like it! #4 VIDEO: IMAGES Hope you like it! Best of luck to everyone, tankian.
  7. #4 Video Photos: Sneak peak reveal video Well Next video will be the reveal one, right now I'm working on small details and waitting for a PCI E from the graphics card. You can follow my pages in the following link: https://www.facebook.com/tankiantheman/ https://www.youtube.com/user/epajamorri Best Regards tankian.
  8. hello
    i have a problem with my devastator mb24mouse
    i use windows 10 and now my mouse not works
    i hade tried all my usb ports and it don't works with all of them
    but the mouse ligths are working
    you can help me?
    Escreve uma mensagem...
  9. #3 Video Evolution in images: (Still in Update) Actual State / Sneak peak for next video: About the project, everything is going as planned and at the moment I have to do some "nails" on the side covers so they can be removable. I already have the water cooling system "bleed" (will not have tank) and being my first time in water cooling I am very satisfied with the result. Resuming next week I want, as I said in the video, to put everything together so that any changes that need to be made are made before painting. You can follow my social networks in the following links: https://www.facebook.com/tankiantheman/ https://www.youtube.com/user/epajamorri Best Regards Tankian the man
  10. #2 Video Evolution in Images: Well hope you like the video and the content on it, I'm trying my best to deliver the best mod I can make with the tools and possibilities I have and at the same time showing you all the handcraft work around it. Once again thank you Cooler Master for believing in me! You can follow my page on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tankiantheman or my youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEtyqavc8IDQ3GZfjyRmJfA Best Regards Tankian The Man
  11. Well the fires are being shot at the working area. Hope I can make the episode 2 this weekend! Best of luck!
  12. Hello, as I promissed I want to make a quick resume about Project Evo concept and plans. So speaking about the idea, basicly I'm on the Tower Mod category and like previous years I notice most tower projects never leave the "Box" concept, and for a "scracther builder" being stuck on the "box" is a bit strange so I started to think outside the "box" ( ), to be honest I really needed to think that way because was I said I cant afford all the fancy WC's system most "box" projects have, so finding a new design as really challenging since the Master Case 5 was been already so modded. So basicly the idea was finding a new way to look at the Master Case 5. So Idea found () and Project Evo born, lets see how things are going in this first video! #1 Video Images: Model 3D Evolution Actual state: Hope you like it, I'm enjoying this project alot, I'm still looking for sponsor so if you want to join this project its a good time to do it! You can follow me in the following pages: https://www.facebook.com/tankiantheman/ https://www.youtube.com/user/epajamorri Best regards, tankian!
  13. Hello everyone! I will make a small update since I have to edit all the videos there I've been doing this week, probably this weekend I will update this post correctly! For now there is the sneak peak! Follow my page for more real time updates https://www.facebook.com/tankiantheman/ Best Regards tankian!