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  1. the whole top camber of the fuselage is here and mapped and ready to be cut rough cut 1st then smoothen later on i know most of you know the feeling of freshly acrylic dust cut and glued it may look like nothing but soon had a mistake for the size of the cockpit but now corrected and puttied up sanded out too and night painting glued up and painted. here it could be seen i made a mount glued to the motherboard tray. so it is just a matter of lifting the upper shell off the mount
  2. fittings and the loop are being planned out. and the coolant is just mineral water mixed with mayhem dye of red,blue and violet.honestly i wanted black
  3. top of the base here as i told you. measure.cut and sand the side something like this.i told you i want test fits most of the time test fit and then sticked some mesh at the back of the lights base done
  4. 1/4x3/4" angle bar will be used for the support of the radiator cutted with the drop saw then just simply drilled minimal holes and covered with some screw caps
  5. the board going full naked. still naked and good looking had beautiful help heavy metal behind all of these components masked off and ready for some matte paint all next is the result
  6. some random parts being cut by the dremel motosaw... mechanical coping saw cut then will see a lot of that in this build some fins drawn and cut to be duplicated for the lower camber of the shell a bit of those ready to be glued to some aluminum bars. drop saw cut and hand bent 3mm in thickness.hand bent just between clamps i always get excited so i always test fit stuffs i made the base with 3/16" just to fit the psu and radiator we are all cm fans two of this kinds of fan would be mounted at the bottom along with the fins cut for it bolted on the back support(i have no idea where this came from) and also painted ready for the long journey gpu support going up on the to do list will be using mesh material for the gpu bracket..but the gpu ribbon will take the weight mostly
  7. motherboard tray done and a bit clean but not painted yet i told you its kinda clean next up is the gpu mount
  8. thank you good still researching on how to do the top shell of the rig.stay tuned -.^
  9. good day fellow modders and spectators. i wish to enter the competition with this entry... but first i would like to thank my sponsors the board at hand would be and rams from from my friend over at and thank you cooler master for giving me and my fellow modders a chance to shine target parts would be i5 4690k asus sabertooth z97 gtx 780ti 3gb 8gb kingston hyperX fury 240gb kingston ssdnow 650watt fury cooling blackice stealth360 xflow radiator alphacool cpu blockek ltx cpu block ek d5 pump with csq top ek 780ti acetal finish i here by present to you KNIGHTHAWK tadaaaaa.progress soooon... materials... 3mm and 5mm acrylic aluminum and etc and soon this will be done worklog gallery