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  1. i am in Malaysia , South East Asia The retailer says there is nothing they can do. Any chance to ship it to Malaysia ?
  2. dear all, i recently purchase a black cosmos pure and connected the hd audio connector to my main board audio port. when use headphone on music playback or gaming, there is a static noise in the black ground. tried several different headphone also has the same noise. i am upgrading from CM Scout, which without the audio static noise. any advise ?
  3. hi EsaT, i am running nvidia 8800, when playing games the buzzing noise is not present all the time, it really occurred randomly.
  4. Dear all, i recently purchase a iGreen 500w psu, the psu is emitting a "bizzzz" noise once in a while. The noise occured randomly whether the psu is on load or not. i was wondering to return the psu or is that normal ? i read a lot from other members' post and from other forums, some said to return if it got noise, some said is normal. What should i do ? regards, jovovick