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  1. Well this is just a Kick in the Teeth. I had an Issue with one of my GPU's. (Hitting 95Deg Celsius) With an EK Full block on it. Bock was tested and is fine, so it's the GPU that's the issue. NOW Asus is telling me that they will NOT warranty my card, because I no longer have the backplate!! it's Fucking Backplate! NOT COOL ASUS!
  2. I've been so concerned with a Heat issue my GPU has developed (Clogged EK-WB??), that I COMPLETELY forgot that my build has a "Stealth" mode!! Stills needs a Few tweaks to complete it (Stealth mode) but, when it's done, to look at my build, you won't even KNOW it was modded!! It will look Bone Stock! This was the plan from day one. I was just so caught up in the build, and now this issue, I forgot all about it! Will post some Teaser pics soon!
  3. I think we are the only 2 Strykers in the Contest. Have you made any progress??
  4. I'm not sure if Brian will be back to post himself or not. But I DO know that he was forced to DROP OUT of this years contest. Due to School and Funds. (I'm a classmate of his). We are bother trying for our degree in Software Eng. And Brian, being a better programer then I, has moved on to 2nd year, and I unfortunately failed out. The bright side for me, was that it left me with Ample time to finish my build. But trust me, Brian has some Great plans for Next Years contest!
  5. I'm SOOO Glad EK isn't a Sponsor, because I'm going to Rip them a New One! I now have THREE EK SLI Bridges that are Fucking Useless!! First one was My bad, went Serial when i should have gone Parallel. With the Serial bridge, the 2nd card was running too hot (not above limits by Any means, but 20deg hotter than card 1) SO I decided that Parallel would be better, at least even out the temps between the two cards. but with Frozen CPU shutting down (or not taking orders at least) I had to find another source. So i went to Performance PC in Florida (I'm in Ontario Canada!) and ordered a Dual Slot, Parallel EK-FC CSQ Block, then sent a Triple instead (Both cards now running at 2x PCI instead of 8x (in the 16x slots - Crossfire). So I went to Dazmod! Ordered it Again!, and Dazmod sent a NEW CSQ design, that doesn't match up to my R9-290 EK Blocks! (All the Previous ones Do, just don't function well) SO now I have 3 Useless bridges, and a $400 2nd video card (And 3 monitors) that I Can't Use! Let Alone Finish the Goddamn Build!!! NEVER USING EK PRODUCTS EVER AGAIN!!!!! NEVER!!! (that and there "Supremacy" CPU block cools Exactly the same as a CoolerMaster Sedion 240! Even WITH more than DOUBLE the RAD volume!) What a fucking Waste of $ Never would have had this issue if I got the XSPC blocks, Had Frozen been able to Stock them before they went under!! Sad that I might Never be able to finish this build, all due to the fact that parts like this are Impossible to come by in Canada, and when you DO find them, they either Ship the wrong :), or they Won't Sell to the Public (Extream PC in Guelph, this is directed at YOU!) So I now have a $5000 PC, that runs like a $1000 for the lack of the PROPER $35 part!
  6. (this is a bit of a Ramble of sorts, sorry for that) Now that my build is nearing completion, I wanted to get into the Whys of my build. As my Finished pictures will show, i might have the Least Modded case in the contest. And I have reasons for this! I always wanted a Super PC (Loads of CPU and VGA power), and of course, to Any True Modder, it has to Look as good (if not Better) than it performs!! But i also HAD to factor in, that this PC was to be a Daily Use machine! That is Also Portable! (Somewhat, as we All know Liquid cooled PC's are Not that Lite!) This is one of the Top reasons I chose the CM Storm Stryker Case for my platform. The Very beefy handles on this frame were perfect for a Large "Portable" case. That and I have always liked White cases! From the first time I laid eyes on the Stryker case I already had the vision of the complete build! (Within reason). I knew there would be room for Dual GPU's, and a good size water loop, including the XSPC Rads and Res that I had been eyeing for almost a Decade!! I knew this case could fit at Least a 2 bay And a 3bay rad, I knew I would have room for Multiple HDD's (although it turned out placing them was Not easy) as still have room for a Large Res. From the get-go, I knew the Stryker would need Some modding to make it the way i envisioned it, but I also knew that it wouldn't take much. I needed to remove the entire front frame and HDD cages to make a fully open design. And i knew I was going to close off the bottom section to provide a place to hide all the wiring and undesirables. And I knew I was going to need to modd the front panel to some extent, to be able to mount 3 fans on the front. I also wanted to still be able to include an optical drive! I knew that one way or another, this case Could satisfy everything i would want in a case. (Although I was still in for a Sticker Shock with the price of the "Mod Parts" that I would need!) So, now armed with all the parts I would need, I set out to build a Daily use machine, that Looked like something you would see in a High-End PC showcase! All of this was being done for ME! and Me alone! Then low and behold, not long after I decided to take my Stock rig to the next level, I came across a FB News feed from Cooler Master! Something about a Case Mod Contest!! And here I was Already building one! SO I entered!! I would have built this PC either way (Contest or not). But with it being a Contest Rig now, I just took it a Little farther! (in terms of Neatness and Looks). So, for me, the bottom line is, I now Own my Dream PC, in All it's Epic Snowy Goodness! And if i can manage to Win a spot in the finals, that would be Awesome Too! I have Always been into "Modding" things of one sort or another (My wife calls me "Alter Boy" because I Alter Everything I own!). I have always wanted a Fully modded PC, but just couldn't swing the $, until Now! The only 2 things that are stopping me from doing this More, and to a higher standard is $ and Work-space. I used to have access to a few shops where I could work, sadly that is no more. And as some of you likely know, it's not easy to Mod/cut/grind and things of that sort, when you live in a Very small apartment building!! Even the simplest things like cutting some Plexi for a new trim panel becomes a Week long Chore!! (Find a Table saw you can borrow, rent a Shop, Get there, do your work, go home, need more panels, start the process over again!!) Hopefully by next year I will have access to a shop again, and be able to enter a something a little more Extreme in next years contest (yes I'm thinking about Next years already - Codename ~ "Console Killer"!) That's all for now. Uploaded MANY pics to my gallery today, should get some of them into These posts a little later tonight! Cheers and Happy Modding!
  7. The build log pictures of my Cooler Master Snow Trooper
  8. From the album: Snow Trooper Build log

    Not happy with where EK chose to put their "Leak Test" sticker!! Going to have to Scratch it off before I take the final pictures!! Not cool EK!
  9. From the album: Snow Trooper Build log

    As it turns out, I misinterpreted the XSPC drawings (they Are poor drawings) The two ports that i'm using here turned out to BOTH be Inputs! (Found out when I powered on the Pump for the first time!) So i ended up having to Re-Plumb a few pipes, so that i actually had a pump like OUT! LOL