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  1. If you use Excel, don't get a Devastator. You can't turn off Scroll lock.
  2. I bought this keyboard as part of a combo with a mouse. I couldn't get the mouse working on my version of Windows 8 (some sort of issue with the default Windows driver), so I tossed it out and and thought "Oh well, at least I can use the keyboard." Last week I hooked up the keyboard to my work machine to do some Excel and found out I have to have scroll lock turned on to get backlighting on the keyboard. This is a huge issue for me as I can't work in Excel with scroll lock turned on. Now from the post above, I see the issue again is with the driver. If Coolermaster is going to make hardware that doesn't work with the standard Windows drivers, they should do like every other manufacturer on the planet does and include their own driver or at least make one available for download. I feel like I've been ripped off. Telling me you have another product I can buy that might solve the problem isn't a solution I'm interested in. I already PAID you guys for a keyboard and mouse. If you want to send me you newer "Octane" board for free, I might use it, but I'm not throwing good money after bad.