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  1. I've been hunting for a Quickfire XT with MX Brown Switches, UK layout (though could use US layout), but all retailers seem out of stock. Has this been officially discontinued or should I wait for more stock to arrive?
  2. Thanks, I have just sent the PSU back to Scan, so will update when I know more. Also your post made me realise I made a bad typo in my last post!
  3. Just to update this, I have been in contact with both the vendor ( and CM Support regarding this issue, CM Support advised me to proceed with raising an RMA Request with the vendor, which I have now done, so will be sending the unit back for exchange. Edited to remove typo!
  4. Returning goods is at my cost. I may be mistaken with regard to returns for defective goods. If they were to decide that there was no merit to the return there would be additional charges of £10 for testing and the cost of shipping back to me. Thanks for the advice, I have sent a query to the seller's technical support team to ask it it warrants an return to them for exchange.
  5. I bought it online, so could send it back, but wanted to get some opinions before footing the postage, as it'll cost me ~£10 to send it back, and don't want the company to then say there's nothing wrong with it. It does work fine otherwise, very happy with the unit other than the fan noise.
  6. Hi, I recently bought a G550M, and am concerned with the noise the fan is making, as it is a lot louder than I expected it to be. I've attached a recording of the noise the fan is making PSU Fan Noise.mp3. Has anyone heard a sound like this before? I'm not sure what to do about it. Sounds to me that the fan might be hitting a cable inside the PSU, but I can't check without voiding the warranty. Help would be appreciated.