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  1. AntSter


    Cooler Master Elite 110 - the smallest computer case from the Elite line. I remove what is not necessary I try on the motherboard in the case RTX2080 Founders Edition is too long Will have to cut. Case, not a graphics card)) Front radiator - Alphacool 120x120x60mm
  2. AntSter


    reserved for final photos
  3. Hello everyone. Last year, my modding-project HOVERYZE took a place in the top 5 best AMD mods of CMWS2018. For CMWS2019, I am preparing a project that is dedicated to drift car of Arkadiy Tsaregradtsev - 1200hp Nissan R34 Skyline with a R35 VR38DETT engine swap – without a doubt the most advanced R34 drift project in the world. "Badass GT-R" - that's the nickname of this Skyline. Arkadiy Tsaregradtsev (Arkadiy instagram) Russian top-drifter. He is three-time RDS Siberia (Russian Drift Series) champion, but before those titles was already regarded as the godfather of Siberian drifting for organizing the first events and pushing drift culture to the masses. He’s not only loved for his aggressive drifting style, but also for active involvement in drift-related projects, as well as being an honest (often sarcastic) and fun car show host. In 2017, he became vice-champion of first FIA Intercontinental Drifting Cup. Arkady participates in RDS GP, D1GP in Japan, Gymkhana Grid 2019 in Poland and many others competitions. Article about RDS GP on Arkadiy is the pilot of the Fail Crew team, the most stylish drift team. I like the mITX format of motherboards, so I will do my project on the basis of the Cooler Master Elite 110 chassis. Inside, I plan to install a full-size Nvidia GeForce RTX2080 Founders Edition graphics card with a custom panel. And a lot of aluminum, carbon, water cooling on CPU and scull lamp. It will be interesting.
  4. AntSter


    Чтобы выпиливать ровные круглые отверстия есть "балеринка по дереву"
  5. AntSter


    Да, собираюсь участвовать. Многие пользуются переводчиком с русского на английский. Но я вижу в каждом твоем посту русский текст, а не английский. Как будто переведено на русский с другого языка.
  6. AntSter


    Россия, Вологда. Спросил, так как ощущение, что ты пишешь на другом языке и прогоняешь через google переводчик.
  7. AntSter

    Project VEGA

    Сергей, желаю здоровья! Надеюсь, оно не помешает планам участвовать здесь. В любом случае, постараюсь не оставить ВЕГУ без конкуренции:) Coming Soon, как говорится.:) То что VEGA - cool project я уже говорил и раньше, на других форумах.
  8. AntSter


    Interesting project. Where are you from? Интересный проект. Откуда ты родом?
  9. AntSter


    Sorry. I cant finished this project. GoodLuck to ALL!
  10. AntSter


    Sleeving Frame Deepcool fan filter 120 Brackets SSD and radiator Back wall v750 Parts of fog machine Heater Mid wall Motherboard stand Сonnectors of the smoke machine
  11. AntSter


    As I promised, interesting things of my project: 1) Headlight. Yes, yes, inside mITX case. Not from the Mustang, but also the classic car! These lights are put on the VAZ 2121 Niva, Vaz 2001. Lights of the same size (170mm diameter) is also set to MB Gelendwagen, VW Golf 2 and other cars, including the Mustang. VAZ 2121 NIVA The cartridge and the LED for illumination 2)Carrying handle made of solid duralumin. I wanted to do it in the style of the control knob on the handbrake drift - cars. Not by car of Ken, but as Vaughn Gittin Jr.'s Mustang RTR 2015 Spec 5. Source of inspiration The handle holder will be in the form of a spring, then with the handle it will look like suspension push-rod. Stickers Carbon sheet cut into CNC MILLING of the desired size. The other side, it is clear that this is a real carbon
  12. AntSter


    Top panels and radiator are mounted on spacers. I made them by hand from L-shaped aluminum corner. Now I want to tell you how to make a strong thread in aluminum, using special threaded rivets. How does this rivet can be seen in the previous report. She is standing on a sheet of carbon I do holder. I increase the hole to 5.2 mm (M3 thread) I reams shallow drill holes 8mm shallow Try on. This is not the best hole in the frame to get a lot better Need a special Riveter Spun rivet Puts in place Pull and outcome. Also from the L-shaped corner I was made brackets for doing the motherboard tray. The two of them grew stronger conventional rivets to the rear panel. There are all top brackets And for mb tray Fold the holders HDD and SSD, and gills The frame is ready. Bottom to attach to it using bolts and rivets.