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  1. Item list Using the cooler master haf xb evo atx case to make the theme build. The Ferrari engine the build will be theme at. The labels for the tube res UV Lamps
  2. EK CPU Block Installation.
  3. Parts CPU GPU PSU COOLING STORAGE CASE RAM i7 4970K GTX 780 850 W Swiftech 220x 120GB M.2 CM-HAF XB 16GB RAM 6GB GDDR5 Bitspower RAM block 2400MHZ Asus Strix Bitspower 150 inline Res PrimoChill 1/2" Rigid Tube Alphacool dual 120mm Rad PrimoChill 1/2" OD Rigid Comp Fittings GTX 780 EK Water block M6I EK Water block MOTHERBOARD -> Maximus VII Impact Mini-ITX LIGHT: RGB Color Led