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  1. Updated 14/4/2015 Making mainboard tray with 2 options for vga
  2. Update 27/3/2015 There're 4 way of the mainboard tray like the Origin PC Genesis. Actualy, i'm really impress the design of Origin PC Genesis so i want to make something like that for my RC 690 II. Some pictures of 27/3/2015
  3. Some updates for this week, something make me like crazy Just enough space for PSU Unfortunately, there's a problem with the tray of mainboard and it's take me one day to think how to fix it. I must move the tray of mainboard down for 2 cm
  4. This is an old Rc 690 II. There are some broken parts and i have some ideas to mod this one. I hope you like this project. Thanks for watching. The front of case The top of case Inside Some details