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  1. Regarding the macro keys, I'm afraid not. You'd have to use a 3rd party app to achieve that, I believe.
  2. No idea.. You're telling me that the issue only manifests with your new keyboard (which, by the way, is the one I use on a daily basis, but I don't put my computer to sleep). If that is the case I think we can exclude anything related to Windows BIOS settings, essential drivers and power management features. The ONLY thing I can think of is something related to the USB ports or, alternatively, the keyboard itself (firmware, driver and software). We made progress by getting a dump file; unfortunately, you can't seem to open it (though you're using the correct programs to do it). You may try opening it with notepad and see what you get, if you can even view it at all. That said, I am afraid I have little experience with dump files, maybe somebody with more experience might help you more in this regard.
  3. Maybe that is the problem, you previously had another keyboard installed in your system. I mean USB ports are a pain to work with, once you connect a device the proper driver is installed and 'locks' to that USB port. I would suggest setting the CM Software to load by default, from my experience that might help, but I understand if you're not willing to make do with a software in the background which you don't need. You may try booting into safe mode and sending it to sleep a couple of times, to see if the error shows up again. If it doesn't, it's probably due to a third party software or some windows settings which are not correctly configured. Otherwise, you may consider checking this link, points 1 and 4, and clean the list of installed drivers; that should solve it imo. Please make sure that the keyboard is not connected to a hub and is connected to the computer via a cable in good shape, which supplies the adequate voltage (about 4.95v). Please tell me if you wish that a CM representative answers your post so that I don't insist further. I have to say that I experience a similar problem with my x360 controller wireless receiver, but that is a different story.
  4. Please check the Event Viewer when this happens and list all relevant entries, might give some clue as to what is going on Also, you might want to check if there are any extra energy saving features enabled in Windows or some ASUS/MSI/EVGA software or w/e. If CoolerMaster software is loaded at startup or active in the background, you might consider to change that setting and see what happens when it is not. Same thing if your situation is the other way around, with the software never active in the background. Looks to me like some software is loaded which interferes with the loading of the keyboard driver.
  5. What about buying two keyboards or a separate keyboard set and replace the keycaps? You might look for a dead kb on eBay and salvage the keycaps if they are in good shape. Also, there is plenty of cheap backlit mechanical keyboards with translucent keycaps on Amazon, you might order one of those and see how they look EDIT: I know this doesn't answer your question, which is legit, but it's been like that for ages now and I believe there are no plans of doing what you ask, so might as well do it on your own. Please read my post as a suggestion in case CoolerMaster isn't willing to change their marketing policy
  6. Nope. It works just as you said. The software is lacking in every way. Please check this link
  7. I really really like your approach and I would be happy to try it myself. However, I have a few questions: It is not accessing the firmware in any way, there's no risk of making the keyboard unstable or anything, it is just a graphical user interface to the SDK, right? I may apply as a beta tester if you need any and give you feedback on the software if you release it, the question is if you are willing to further develop the tool if a bug or a glitch occurs. If that's the case, please do. Otherwise, I believe it would just make things worse.
  8. Most probably the issue has to do with either the USB port(s) to which the keyboard is connected (hardware) or a driver conflict (software). 1) Is it connected to a HUB? Please make sure it is connected directly to a USB port on the motherboard rear I/O and try different ports for that matter. Also, try and disconnect the peripherals you don't need or move them around. I may be contradicting myself in the 4th point, but I'm trying to diagnose the issue here. 2) Restart your PC to a cold boot [you may shut it down, press the switch on the power supply, wait a few minutes and turn it back on] 3) Next, go to the motherboard manufacturer's website and make sure all drivers are up to date, especially the ones involved in the USB area. 4) As a last resort, go to device manager, show hidden devices and delete all the drivers under USB controllers, mobile devices, Human Interface Device (HID) and keyboards. Please note this may or may not force you to reinstall some of them (but most frequently, it's going to be taken care of automatically by Windows, at the next reboot) I believe this issue has little to do with the keyboard itself though, you should always reserve each USB port to a single device and do a little cleaning from time to time. Check if the issue is solved after trying each of those points, most preferably in order. Hope it helps and you find this post useful :)
  9. I am afraid I was not clear enough. We are speaking about two products which are not yet available for purchase (well one of them is available as of today, but that's not the point); my question was if free shipping would have been applicable to them in the future or that only applies to MasterCase accessories as is written on the website now. I believe the answer is no anyway.
  10. I'm currently using the 'Lightning' profile which can be found here and I can definitely hear a 'beep beep' when the keys light up, so yeah, the LEDs do emit kind of a high pitch sound as I believe they are controlled through PWM, as someone explained before. That said, it is way less audible and less bothersome than the sliiiiiiiiiight electrical noise coming from my way-too-expensive SeaSonic PSU and my monitor PSU and definitely less annoying than the springback noise letter 'D' makes. Seriously, if you can hear such a sound coming from your keyboard, that means everything else on your desk is dead silent. Which means you're already pretty lucky if you ask me. I would suggest you not to worry too much about it as it is definitely not a fault of the keyboard nor a sign of malfunctioning.
  11. Good:) I am interested in a MasterKeys Pro S sized Acrilic top cover (standard CM tenkeyless frame). Checked out the wrist rest at, price looks fair to me. I might consider buying both from that store, can you tell me something more about shipping expenses? It says some products are marked as "free shipping" but it only cites MasterCase accessories, is that correct?
  12. Hi, do you have any info as to when [SGA-KR01-KSRG1] will be available for purchase in Italy? Thank you. PS: I am also very interested about the glass case which is shown in the following link. Is something like this ever going to be available for purchase? Or can you point me towards something similar? Thank you again!
  13. They are just ordinary Windows keys with a custom CM 'icon' on top. Just different keycaps. They work just as any other Windows key, pressing them will reveal the Start Menu and such. To disable them you have to press FN+F9. It's as simple as that, no special meaning to them.
  14. @Bambucha, if you want the keyboard to display the same effect every time you turn on your pc please put the file in a specific position on your drive, then create a shortcut and place it under C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Startup\ (that is if you're using Windows 10, but I imagine it would be quite similar in the previous versions of the OS). When you're done, right click on the shortcut. Properties. 'Start minimized to system tray'. There are other ways to do it, but this one's the easiest. I also set up two simple batch files and scheduled tasks to send the keyboard to sleep every 30' so that the keys does not remain lit when I leave the computer on overnight (might provide a guide if anyone is interested). Using the .exe files may be convenient for such use case scenarios, but still, I would appreciate having a damn functioning software. Hope it helped.