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  1. Thanks! Appreciate it:)
  2. Thanks, and good luck to you too:)
  3. A small sleeving update:) Cooler Master V1200 has 6 daisy chained pci-e cables, (12 6+2pin). I only need 3 x 6pin + 3 x 8pin for my Titans. I'm making all new cables for this and I'm going to use all 6 pci-e outlets on the psu and make 3 x 6pin och 3 x 8pin. I think that improves the overall look of the cables compared to daisy chained ones. Here I've made one 6pin and an 8pin. You can see the stock cable above.
  4. Ok, I got the gpu's and pumps in and all the piping is done. It took alot longer than you'd expect, I spent most of the time planning though, as usual:) The idea from start was to only use straight pipes and fittings. But after I made that bend in the lower compartment I wanted more. So I compromised with a little of both:) I used a black background this time. Thought it matched the build better than the white. Now I need to start making the pci-e and 24-pin cables in correct lengths and sleeve them. Easy to do but takes time and isn't the most fun part of the build.
  5. I've cut, polished and connected all pipes in the bottom chamber. I've also got myself a couple if softboxes and backgrounds for some nicer photos. This was my first attempt with the new equipment. I also got a black background, I'll try that one next time:) Next step will be to install the gpu's, pumps and the rest of the pipes. Then it's all about sleeving:)
  6. I've piped together the MB and started with some sleeving:) I had to try a few different combinations of fittings before this connection was possible. I had to make the 8-pin cpu power cable before I put the MB in the case, because the connector will not fit through the cutout when the MB and lightbox is installed. Sleeved with IceModz expandable sleeve. I was a bit scared that the copperpaint on the memory wouldn't match the polished copper. But I think it worked out nice:) While I was taking these pictures I saw that I forgot to make this cable. I'm gonna rout it between the MB and the standoffs. Oh well, I'll just have to take the stuff out of the case again, haha.
  7. All the plastic parts are now back on and I've also mounted the front- plate and pipes. I built a cable for these LED strips. They're going in the front to light up the copper pipes. Front pipes, all nice and polished:) Here you can also see the LED strips.
  8. Now that everything is painted I've started the assembly. This is how it stands right now. I've drilled holes and mounted passthrough fittings in the lightbox. Two XSPC EX240 rads mounted in the bottom chamber and a HW Labs SR1 480 up top. The screws at the back are for cable management with p-clips. I'll do custom cables for the whole psu as soon as my sleeve arrives:) This is how I plan to mount the pumps. There will be dual loops, one for cpu/mb and one for gpu's.
  9. Window update! I can start of by saying that this was by far the most complex window mod I've ever done. As many of you know the Cosmos II door is made from layers of plastic with a thin aluminium skin. But it was fun and I'm happy with the result:) Here's after a couple of hours of Dremel work. It still needs more filing and sanding. The inside. That glue under the handles was a nightmare to get off. Here's the aluminium piece I cut out. I'm gonna use it as a template to bend the plexi. I put some standoffs under it so I could press down hard. Door finished:) As usual it's impossible to clean or take nice pics of plexi.
  10. Copper update:D I've worked on a "nameplate" for the build. I made it from 0,5mm copper sheet. First I printed the text on regular paper and cut it out with a precision knife to create a template. I then used Dremel Moto-Saw to cut out the nameplate. After some filing and sanding it looked like this. Still lots to do though. This is the end result after sanding with 400, 600, 800, 1200 och 2500 paper and polished with Autosol. It's far from perfect but atleast it's handmade. I'm happy with it:) This is where I plan to put it. Right at the front of the case. I've also invested in some new blocks for this build. I went all out XSPC this time. Both cpu and gpu's. Lets start with the cpu block. This is what it looks like out of the box. Nice but a little boring. After a lot of sanding and polishing I got this. Much better:) I already had the Raystorm full chrome from a previous build. So I stole some parts from it. Black frame with a white insert + polished copper. We got ourselves a winner:)
  11. I've redone the cover panel for the MB and done some painting. First test fit. Cut some cable management holes. I'm using plastic spacers between the panel and the MB-tray. The screws are obviously going to be shortened or switched to shorter ones:) All painted. I also repainted the pci covers for my Titans:)
  12. I've decided to keep X79 a while longer so thought I'd paint the RAM to suit the build. This panel is going in the front under the sliding hatch. Copper RAM:) I use a high gloss varnish on everything painted copper and matte varnish on the white and black. I've redone the cover panel for the rads and painted it. I've also painted the back panel for the motherboard. Cut the roof to fit a 480 rad. I've mounted switches and my Aquaero to the front panel. I'll use one switch for PWR and one for the lightbox. Reset switches are overrated:) Motherboard tray with back panel screwed together with nuts and bolts. I'll use screws as much as possible, don't like rivets. Brainwashers to protect the paint:)