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  1. Thank you!! Cooler master France is my sponsor so CM components are free. The other hardwares have been offered to me by a friend. So i paid only the tubes, fittings, liquid , aluminium , plastic, glues and paints. This mod cost me time but not much money
  2. A little photoshoot with black background
  3. Knight Bruce Wayne is finish !! Bruce Wayne is a businessman who is straight, mysterious and leaves reflected as rare emotions. I made this mod in his image: sober, elegant and leaving only show of its dark secret behind the Batman logos fans revealing his deep desire for justice. When Bruce Wayne becomes Batman The Dark Knight, it becomes a contrast between a living armor and a high gloss vigilante to everyone but in the shade. His Dark Knight mask is a thick shell without revealing true nature through an ingenious system. The mask is equipped with a magnet that triggers the glare of external LEDs in contact with a magnetic sensor hidden in the box. This is the trigger vigilantism. I hope you enjoy this mod as much as I enjoyed designing it from the idea that germinated in my head. 100% homemade and handmade. ---- Frost Mod --- If you enjoyed this project, do not hesitate to come on my Facebook page or my twitter account to follow my next projects. Please support me by voting for me in the voting of the Cooler Master casemod contest 2015 !! Bests Regards !!
  4. Mounting the mask Painting time Final touch
  5. "Bruce Wayne" phase 2 begins!!!! The mask of the Dark Knight .
  6. There is no acrylic here. There is PVC and plexiglass special LED.
  7. Bruce Wayne project is at half its goal! The Case is finished / Phase 1 Finished Phase 1 is finished , let's go for the phase 2 soon Stay Tuned
  8. Hello , the phase 1 is soon be over. Painting time The motherboard: The main support : Test the lights and rendering : With external lights on: The hiding of the PSU: After bending:
  9. Today i'm working wityh the lights and the cover. I begin by cuts: And bending: And cuts again : Tests the lights: See you soon guys!!
  10. Bruce Wayne continues its evolution First tubes : Waterblock home made: The top fans support: I try to call Batman : Tubing finish: See you soon