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  1. Stay Strong and Game on!

  2. Cutting out material for the rotors We will be ducting these to get the airflow in. Ducts on either side will be aligned perfectly. Air comes in from one side over the mother board and leaves from the other. Prevents turbulence. Will not be a positive or a negative pressure system. We have some concerns about heat but we don't think it will be a major issue We are still trying to get the shape right to make access to the fans easier in case something goes wrong while maintaining the aesthetic look. We want the body to be free of rivets or screws as much as possible.
  3. We start with a board Get the base cut out Getting the sides in place Finishing off the rough edges We leave some space at the bottom for cable management. Will be closing it off with a sliding board. And yes we know it looks like a coffin right now . We promise you it will change!
  4. Hi guys, I'm from India and this is the first time me and my team are entering this competition with our gaming PC company FraggingMonk. We've seen some amazing case mods in the past and are trying to put up something that upholds the standards seen here! We are attempting to build a PC from scratch inspired by the Helicarrier of the Avengers. We've stuck to a few self imposed rules to make sure we don't get carried away with this build! Our philosophy is to build cases with easily available material in a manner that can be easily replicated by us if required. We stick to the same principle with this build. Given the Indian market scenario, it cannot be a case that would be super expensive for a person to buy as compared to standard cabinets available in the market. Basic materials we plan to use 1. MDF 2. Glass cut outs 3. RGB led's We've still not decided on the components we will assemble in as our focus is more on the cabinet itself. We would mostly go with a basic build based around a GTX 750.