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  1. Final mail sent and an UP for the Enviroment + Recicling!
  2. ...and you havent seen the Final Photos yet
  3. "with great power comes great responsibility"
  4. Special Thanks to: - Dirk for the outside Photos - Victoria for the suppor - and the most important To my Family for supporting me and leting me an Artist / Modder!
  5. Some more details: I made a Storage / carry box for it, becouse it (hopefully) will apear on a few ewents
  6. The I/O panel And the end resoult near the finish lane
  7. Some more payer and textures The paint is sthill wet on the pictures.
  8. All the paint work is hand made! Like ewery single detail and peace on this mod is hand made! Lets paint the firs two layer:
  9. Building up the mass: This in my helper Helps me a lot! Forming the shapes: Making the "wood bark textures": Ent needet a "face"... so I made it based on my original drawing Layering up the "bark" And adding a few details:
  10. Some light under the Mobo, and on the arms: A Vire frame to hold hold the head
  11. Macking a PSU Holder: Perfect Fit! MoBo Tray Holder: Hand making and test fitting:
  12. Now Im allowed to update I hope you like it So Ewerything started whit this 4cm*7cm scratch Ok, whit a few others too but this was my favorite! And Yes! it IS signed as a "V1.0" whit a reason! The original Planed High was araund 55cm Tall! But it had to be scaled up -> 95Cm high!
  13. Ok It is official! Im ready, and I will put up the work progress at this week if I have enough time to it (I work on 2 nother BIG projects)! Thill i can get there (for the impatients and curious readers) you can find a few final Pictures on my Facebook page. So, Watch this page because, a LOT progress will be covered Edit: It can be foud here, and here too.
  14. It is not finished yet We sthill work on it
  15. Sorry all... I hawent had time to update propperly... But the mod is ready Stay tuned Big Update IS coming... Slowlie (I have to rest a little)