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  1. Sorry for bringing back this old thread but i think I've found the source of the problems. Due to a combination of injuries, a cold that wouldn't go a way and some old fashioned laziness i haven't done any running since early December. Decided it's time i start running again so I connected my Suunto Ambit 2 watch to the computer, installed the software and went for a run. This was the first time i did this in Windows 10. That was earlier today, this evening in front of the computer it didn't take more than 30 minutes before the keyboard died on me. Died again after 30 minutes. So.. it's the Suunto Ambit 2watch, the Suunto USB cable or the Movescount software that's the problem. Might be good to know if anyone else has the same problem.
  2. Installed windows 10 Sunday (25/1) evening and as far as I can tell that solved the problem. Haven't had the keyboard die on me once since. I still don't understand how it could be a software error. Both the novatouch and my old keyboard use the same default windows keyboard driver so i was pretty sure it was a compatibility error between the motherboard and the keyboard but I was wrong. I'm still a bit anxious the problem will come back so i haven't been able to appreciate the keyboard as much as it deserves. That will pass and i think i'll enjoy this keyboard for many years to come. There is not a snowballs chance in :) i'll go back to cherry MX switches again.
  3. No, not yet. Will most likely do it tomorrow. Will get back with results when i have.
  4. USB hub didn't help. Will re-install windows and see what happens.
  5. I've already done that, had it replaced yesterday. Didn't solve my problems so I don't think there's anything wrong with the keyboard, its a compatibility issue. Tonight i'll try to connect it to the computer through a USB hub, see if that helps. If it doesn't next step is to re-install windows.
  6. Very frequent tonight, has happened 3 times in the last 2 hours. I opened the device manager in the control panel last time it "died" and noticed that there are the same amount of keyboard devices there as when the keyboard is working. That would indicate that the computer is able to communicate with it but not receive any key presses from the keyboard. Also, this time i tried connecting my old keyboard on another usb port. I could use my old keyboard without any problems but the novatouch was unresponsive. So it's a general keyboard error where the computer wont accept any key presses, it's only ignoring the key presses on the novatouch. Any feedback if someone has any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. *edit: Someone suggested that the Rapid-I had similar problems with an older firmware but that it was resolved in a newer firmware. Could that be a possible solution for the novatouch as well.. does it have a firmware that can be updated?
  7. Replaced the keyboard today but have the same problems with the new one. First time it happened with the new keyboard was while I was entering data into an excel document. Second time it happened was seconds ago while i was editing this post. ^^ Either i'm really unlucky and have got 2 faulty keyboards in a row, which i don't find likely, or there is somehow a capability issue between the motherboard and keyboard. The troubleshooting continues..
  8. Oh, sorry, perhaps i was unclear. I haven't replaced it yet, still using the first one. Will go to the store tomorrow. As if it was fate, it died on me again just a few minutes ago. I recorded a video with my phone and uploaded to youtube. It's kind of hard to record and operate the keyboard with only 2 hands so the quality is so-so but it at least illustrates the problem. - It's not public, you can only access it with this link. As you can see in the video, the mouse works while they keyboard is completely unresponsive. ctrl+alt+del & alt+tab does nothing. Unplug and plug the usb connection at the back of the keyboard and it's back to normal.
  9. The only other USB device i have connected and use is the mouse and it works. I have a webcam as well but i dont use it that often. Even when the keyboard doesn't work the mouse still works so it's not like the USB ports are all dead, only the keyboard. I'm trying to figure out what the reason could be, something I do or something that happens in the computer when the keyboard dies it's very random.The first time it died today was when i was plaing WoT, second time I was browsing the web looking at youtube vids. And as i wrote earlier, last week it was dead when i started the computer but started working again when i unplugged/plugged it. That fix works everytime.
  10. Reconnected the Novatouch and within one hour it had died on me twice. Off to the store tomorrow to have it replaced. =/
  11. Got another "symptom" on Saturday. Started the computer in the morning and the Novatouch was unresponsive from the start. Previously it had always worked for a while before dying but not this time. Though it could be that the motherboard hadn't initialized all devices at boot so I turned it off and than started the computer again. The keyboard was still dead. While the computer was started i unplugged the USB cable from the keyboard then plugged it in and bingo, it worked again. After that i used my old keyboard (connected with usb) throughout the weekend and it worked fine. Didn't once have it die on me like the Novatouch does. I'll give the Novatouch another go tonight, use it for a few hours and see what happens. If i get the problems tonight as well I'll have to go back to the store to have it replaced. Really hope that helps since i found out this weekend that going back to Cherry MX switches isn't an option. Once you go topre you never go back. => I guess I'm unlucky enough to have gotten a keyboard made early Monday morning. =)
  12. Thanks for the replies. Yesterday I tried using another USB cable and at the same time connected it to a USB 3.0 port but that didn't help. My mouse and other devices are connected with USB and they work fine even when the keyboard has topped working. I don't have access to any other computer except for the one at work. I'm afraid though that my colleagues would object to that since the keyboard is far from silent. Also, company policy forbids connecting anything but what is provided by them... =/ Somehow I cant get past the suspicion that the problem is related to my computer and/or the game (world of tanks). It only seems to happen when i play that game.. I'll connect my old keyboard (SteelSeries 6Gv2) using USB tonight to try to pinpoint the cause of the problem. If i get the same problem with that one as well I'll know for sure its the computer and not the Novatouch that's the cause of the problem.
  13. Since switching to the Novatouch the keyboard randomly "dies" and becomes completely unresponsive. The only solution I've found to get it working again is to disconnect and reconnect the USB cable. It seems to me to happen most frequently when playing games (World of tanks) but it has has happened to my wife too and she doesn't play games on the PC. Think it happened when she was skyping. Or it could be that i spend most of my time on the computer playing games so it's most likely to happen then... I've updated my motherboard BIOS to the latest version, I've tried disabling USB legacy support, I've tried connecting the keyboard to different USB (2.0) ports but I still get the problem. My old keyboard was connected using PS/2 (USB>PS/2 converter for nkro) so I can't say if the problem is USB related or if there is something wrong with the Novatouch keyboard. I'll switch back to my old keyboard tonight and connect it with USB and see if it works to isolate if it's the Novatouch or if it's related to the USB in my computer. Has anyone else experienced anything like this or have any suggestions to what might be the cause of the problem? My motherboard is a Asus maximus IV gene-z and i'm running Windows 8.1.