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  1. Very ambitious and the build quality is amazing.
  2. That is a fantastic sculpture!
  3. DWR - The PC in a drawer I am really happy with how my project turned out. This was my very first scratch build and my first real mod. I hope you all enjoy my take on modding, even though my aesthetic is far more minimalist than most. My budget was modest, and the only sponsorship I had was from Cooler Master. A few things I should add about my design. DWR is where form and function meet. The case being in drawer, everything except the power supply can be accessed by simply pulling open the drawer! Accessing the PSU requires removing the drawer underneath - so it is still easy, even easier than unscrewing a case panel. While the drawer underneath was significantly shrunk, it was still large enough to easily accommodate my gaming headset. It is nice to keep them out of the way when they aren't needed. For the drawer above I change the base from MDF to steel. It adds a little bit more thermal protection to the build. The other three drawers are completely functional. The pictures are of my build fully set up and functional. The cables inside my case are neat, and the ones outside are hidden too. The PC sitting on the left of my desk is my one that I built for my wife, it is called the "Pink Death". My blue quaker parrot Minstrel is obsessed with sitting under my desk, which is why I built in some perches for her. She spends hours under there. Birds are crazy!
  4. Photo shoot time! And I also built a perch into my keyboard tray - for our parrot, Minstrel.
  5. Assembling the new drawer front: Gluing and clamping the acrylic layers. Next to insert the Ikea whatchamacallits, so the new drawer front will be attached the same as the old one. The holes were pre-cut, but in order to make them screw into the acrylic and now crack it, I had to melt them in. This is what happens when you heat the whatchamacallits too much. The whatchamacallits screwed in securely. The USB interface and fan controller installed. I found some nice shiny aluminum switch covers, to replace the original black ones. Finally assembly and update coming soon.
  6. Modding the fan controller Deep Cool make this great value 5" device. Only problem is it only has two usb 3.0 ports, and it has a CF-50p port, which I don't need. Checking that the device will fitr. Dis-assembly: Bracket is cut down and painted. New risers cut and installed so all the ports line up. Another test fit. Make sure it is all coming together.
  7. The new drawer front. I want to make the front of my PC drawer match the rest of the drawers in my desk. So I drew up a design and sent it off to be laser cut from acrylic. The front will be made out of 5 pieces of white acrylic glue together. I sent it off to Waited a couple days for a package to arrive in the mail. Had to pop up all of the details that were laser cut out. A big pile of acrylic. Test fitting to make sure I got my measurements right. All the pieces are ready to go. Doh! I made a mistake with my order. I only have the one button cut into the front of the panel!! It needed to go through all five pieces! So I am going to have to drill the rest by hand.
  8. Installing the CPU cooler. The all-in-one liquid cooling solution from Cooler Master the Nepton 120XL. (Thanks again to Cooler Master for providing me with one for this challenge! Water cooling has never been so simple! The parts. Don't forget to take the protective plastic off bottom of the heat sink. First step of install. Set the supporting bracket up for the desired CPU socket. Install supporting bracket to the back of your motherboard. Install risers to the front of your motherboard. All that is left to do is cover your CPU heat sink in thermal paste (included in kit), and screw the CPU cooler down. It is really that simple!
  9. Another test fitting, to make sure I have not forgotten to consider anything. Now it is time to - paint it black! Cable bay cover. Top. Bottom.
  10. The continuing fabrication of the drawer tray, that will attach to the sides and front to my existing drawer.
  11. DWR - Desk Master 2.0 Starting the build of 2.0. Got some aluminum from the local hardware store. Sawing with a hack saw. Or hacking. Making a power supply mount. Cut and folded it almost perfect with hand tools. The power supply hanging nicely underneath.
  12. Very compact. Very nice. How is your graphics card liking the confined space?
  13. Proof of Concept / DWR - Desk Master 1.0 This was to be my first scratch build, and in fact the first time I had attempted anything like this. I really wanted to hide my PC case, and initially I just placed my PC inside the big Alex cupboard. This didn't work well, as my big case pretty much took up the entire cupboard, heat build up was becoming a problem, and it was a pain to get to any of my components. I needed the PC to take up less space, but at the same time ensure easy access and adequate air flow. What about putting it in my drawer!? So a mITX would fit in my drawer! Test fitting with some old components and cut up pieces of steel from my old PC cases. Holes cut in the cabinet to ensure air flow. A functioning PC in my drawer. Concept proved. Air flow and aesthetics would determine the look of the front. How many fans and switches and interface ports would fit? Version 1.0 was a success! A mess inside, but a success!
  14. Components: Motherboard: ASUS ROG Gene IV CPU: Intel i7 4790 CPU Cooling: Cooler Master Nepton 120XL GFX: EVGA Geforce GTX760 SC RAM: G.Skill Sniper 16gb (2 x 8gb) @ 1600mhz SSD: Intel 530 @ 120GB (x 2) HD: Western Digital Black 1.0TB (x2) Fans: Gelid Silent 5 & 9
  15. The build was to be in two stages, I needed a desk space ASAP, and my custom PC build would have to wait until I had more time. 1. The desk needed to be hard wearing and solid, with plenty of workspace and storage space for paperwork. 2. A number of items were purchased from Ikea, 2x Alex drawer units, 1x Alex cupboard and a pre-cut kitchen bench top. Alex Cupboard: Alex Drawers: Bench Top: 3. The drawer and cupboard units were partly assembled, and then using their pre-drill tops as a jig, holes were drilled into the bottom of the kitchen bench top. The units were then attached directly to the bench top. 4. Keyboard trays to look integrated and part of the design. These were cut out of laminated MDF to size and secured drawer runners on the sides of the Alex storage units. I was very happy with the results of my "Ikea Hacking". Everything looked like it was supposed to go together. The big black old cases had to be improved next!
  16. The task: Build an gaming set up for my wife and I to fit in my new apartment. This was to be my first scratch / custom build, I call it the DWR. 1. Space is at a premium, and the desk must accommodate to PCs and two people at the same time. This can only be in one location in our apartment, the maximum size for this build 2.5m x 1m 2. The desk must look appealing to gamers and non-gamers a like. 3. This will not only be a command centre for gaming, but also will need to function as a work space for study. 4. I want a minimalist design with effective cable management for all of my peripherals. I bring you DWR [Desk Master]. Huge thanks to Cooler Master for providing me with a Nepton 120XL all in one CPU cooler!
  17. Could a mod please delete this thread. I am having trouble editing my entries.
  18. The texture of the body filler before you sanded it, looks really dragony.
  19. Nice build! It looks very nice and neat.