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  1. yeah but it doesnt appear to have a way to connect the pump to the power supply.
  2. Today it happened again! but i noticed the problem is it stops detecting the pump for some reason, it only detects the jetflo fans, i disconnected them then connected them again and the pump started working again fine. any ideas?
  3. well i did what you said and everything appears to be working fine! thanks!! i'll update if anything goes wrong!
  4. so the day before yesterday i finished (after working out some issues with high temps) correctly installing my nepton 280l, but when yesterday morning i turned on my pc i noticed it was overheating i found out i t was because the pump wasnt working, i had connected it to systemfan1 because i saw someone here recommend it, but for some reason it stopped working, but i solved the problem! i simply connected it to cpufan1 and everything worked fine for the rest of the day. until today when i turned on my pc i noticed i had the same problem as yesterday! the temps right now are at 50°c! Am i doing something wrong? have i missed a step or something?? has anybody had this same problem?
  5. so i think everything is functioning normally now. i found a fix in an older thread, I just rotated the pump until the tubes where facing the ram memory. it was kind of difficult because of the tubes and also had to move the ram to make space for the tubes. but the temperatures are much lower now they're between 28°c and 30°c. it would be great for this to be included in the installation guide, it would've saved me so much stress, and would probably be asleep 5 hours ago hahaha!
  6. well everything appears to be connected as most people haveit by what ive seem in the forums except i had to put the fans on top of the case beacuse i coudlnt fit them inside, the pump speed is around 5500 rpm and the fan speed around 2200 rpm, i did remove the plastic seal on the pump and i used alot fo thermal grease, also, i left the pc on for a little while with no program running, when usddenly the temperature went up to 70°c , and it will go up to 90°c when i go to the bios
  7. I recently bought a nepton 280l be cause i wanted to overclock my cpu for 3d rendering, but when i first turned it on after installing the cpu temps where too high, on idle with nothung running and without overclocking, the temp would be between 45°/60°C after seeing this i tried running prime95 to see if the temperature would stay at a reasonable level, but it went up to 98°/100°c. i already checked to see if everything is correctly installed, and everything seems fine! what can i do? or has anybody else encountered this problem? my specs: core i7 4770k fractal 2300 case gtx 769 graphics card nepton 280l