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  1. Hi i had read your topic and i;m sorry for you. After reading a lot of reviews i decide to not buy 240m..lot of issues,bad experience,bad cooling performance and pipes problem...i bought noctua d-15 it's air cooler and i know is really ugly and masive,but who care it is silent and have good cooling performance. Thanks to all for your help
  2. Thanks for explaintation than if i will upgrade my case than best option will be 280M. But if i stick with my old case..i worry 120xl will be not enouht and maybe will be beter to go with noctua d15 rather.
  3. Thanks a lot for answer...its not about budget for me because difference in prices is only few euros...the question for me is while i should upgrade my case or 120XL do the same job in my old small case. I understand think that 240m has larger cooling surface area..but on the other side 120xl has 2fun on top and that increase air flow. Maybe i'm wrong...
  4. Hi, first sorry for my english I have one question. Is there any diference in performance between 120XL and 240M. Specification list for both seem pretty same. Which one should I buy?