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  1. Hi, so I've already returned my keyboard once because of dead LEDs and this one hold up better. At least I got around ~4 month or so without dead LEDs. Now, they die one after each other. Since I really love this keyboard despite this issue I would like to get a new one. But before I contact my seller I would like to know if newer batches finaly got rid of those cheap LEDs. So, any hope for a keyboard without dead LEDs? Cheers!
  2. Mhh, I don't know what the law says where you live but in germany, I can always send a faulty product back to the seller within the first two years. Obviously, they won't just repair / replace it, when I break stuff but dead LEDs are in most cases production faliurs. I think this is european law. We also have a two week time periode where we can withdrawl from the contract, but thats another thing. So you should just look what the law says where you live...
  3. Looks like there is no reason to make a new thread. I've just noticed that my '6' is dead. Sad story because I realy like this keyboard. I will send it back to where I got it so they have to deal with it. ​@Moderator I have two questions - Was this a problem with other Quickfire keyboards as well? (alternative maybe?) -How many reports of broken LEDs are there? I really like the keyboard but having dead LEDs all the time is also quite frustrating for a keyboard which costs quite a bit for the small form factor. ;D