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  1. Thanks a lot for the answer. Right now I have it as intake in a push config. I hear some noise coming from the radiator and I suspect that this noise is generated by the fan pushing air through the radiators fins. I'm going to reverse the fans and make it as you suggested in exhaust while pulling warm air out of the case.
  2. Hi, I just need to know a few things. I'm mounting the radiator on the top of my Fractal Design Defiance R4 case. My CPU is an AMD FX-8350. 1) According to your experience is it better to have it as intake or exhaust? 2) If intake should the push air into the radiator or pull? Same question if exhaust. 3) Is the RPM on the water block fixed or the rpm's increase and decrease according to CPU temp? Right know I have the water block on the CPU FAN header and the Fans on the CPU 2 fan header. Is this the correct way to install it? I noticed in windows with HWmonitor that the Water block fan always stays the same. Thank you in advance.