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  1. Update: Coolermaster has sent out a replacement fan direct to me. So all it good!
  2. I appreciate your help and I'm sorry I'm causing problems. I understand you guys are just doing your job and don't have any say in policy or how things are run in your offices. I have a 80mm fan that is used to cool my northbridge and VRM heatwink. No other spare fans. I can send you back the old fan in the same box you use to send me a new one.
  3. It clearly lists in the parts request system drop down menu, fan replacement. If anything is wrong it's your system. Feel free to change the system and I will follow it. I'm not sending you my only computer fan. What am I supposed to do without my computer? Spend time outside? It's 17 degrees out in Pennsylvania right now. Maybe I don't need a fan if I put my computer outside. Actually that's not a bad idea. Thanks guys! I don't need a fan anymore!
  4. Update: Coolermaster sent me a fan replacement. All is good. Don't buy a 212 EVO if you can't afford to pay for a new fan on your own. Coolermaster will let you request a part but then delete your request, change it to RMA status without asking you and then block you from request parts, unless you ship back the product for RMA. IT'S a $6 dollar fan and you couldn't send me out a new one when mine failed 5 months into a 2 year warranty. The fan bearings are supposed to last 50,000 hours on average. I have probably less then 800 hours of low-medium use. Never buying anything from you again.
  5. So is it common practice to delete customer parts requests and authorize an RMA that a customer did not request? Next time just send the parts out if someone requests them with a legitimate reason. Update: Coolermaster sent out a replacement fan.