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  1. I never experience this kind of USB failure, but my initial thought is the USB device might be dead. Have you tried it on a different computer, just to make sure your Sirus USB is not broken? But from Google, some said uninstalling "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)" from Device Manager and restart the computer might fix the issue.
  2. The Windows 10 beta driver still use the old driver from 2011 (07/14/2011, v I'd suggest use the alternative driver (02/13/2015 , v, hopefully it will be more future proof Ignore the setup.exe installer, use Device Manager to install/update your driver. I guess this also applies to those who still want to use the official CM Windows 10 beta driver when the installer return any kind of error.
  3. Googling "C-Media USB Audio Class 1.0 and 2.0 Device driver" and found this website which stated there's a much recent driver version So I added in the search query and found How I know it works? I tested it myself.
  4. The recent KB3124200 updates might break your Sirus functionality. The new default driver provided by Microsoft seems not compatible with Sirus 5.1. Even after re-installing the old driver provided by CM, my headset still doesn't work. But I found an alternative driver that compatible with this headset. It was made for Sades 7.1CH Gaming headset. I've been using it for about 2 weeks and it seems 100% compatible with Sirus 5.1. Driver Provider : C-MEDIA Inc. Driver version : Driver date : 13 February 2015 Digital Signer : C-MEDIA ELECTRONICS INC. Download >> (found at >> My Mediafire mirror : Updating the driver Ignore the Setup.exe file. Update from Device Manager : 1. Go to "Sound, video and game controllers" 2. Right click "Sirus Headset" 3. Select "Properties" 4. Go to "Driver" tab 5. Click "Update Driver" 6. Choose "Browse my computer..." 7. Choose "Let me pick from a list..." 8. Click "Have disk" 9. Browse to "SoftwareDriver\Driver" folder 10. Select "CMUAC.inf" and continue the update process. Upon installing this driver, Sirus control panel will not detect our Sirus anymore. But we can use the control panel provided in this driver package. If your headset still not working, I would suggest restart your computer. Using the alternative control panel Just run the control panel from folder "SoftwareDriver\DLL\CPL\x64\FaceLift_x64.exe" (x86 if you're using Windows 32 bit). It will still detect your old presets. You can even move the folder to anywhere you like for easier access. Screenshot I modified the alternative control panel because I'm not a fan of the default transparent skin.
  5. Update from device manager. Sound, video and game controllers -> Sirus Headset -> Properties -> Driver -> Update Driver -> "Let me pick from list" -> Have disk -> Select "CMUAC.inf" from "SoftwareDriver\Driver" folder.
  6. Check my post above for alternative driver. My microphone works just fine. But yeah, driver support by CM seems to be not good. Too bad though because I like my Sirus 5.1. Next January it will be the 3rd year I'm using it. But with a weak driver support, I might avoid CM headset in the future. =/
  7. No need to install anything. Just run the software from folder SoftwareDriver\DLL\CPL\x64\FaceLift_x64.exe (x86 if you're using Windows 32 bit)
  8. Previously I don't have much issue with my Sirus 5.1 on Windows 10. But today when I installed Windows Update KB3124200, only Front Centre channel producing audio. No sound at all on other channels. Update : Searching for C-MEDIA latest driver and found this C-MEDIA version (13 Feb 2015) It's a driver for Sades 7.1CH Gaming Headset. Manually update my driver by selecting the .inf file and now all channel working again at Windows Speaker Setup. This makes the Storm Sirus control panel doesn't detect the headset. But I still can change the effects from Speaker Properties and it seems like there's much more settings to play with~ ------------------------------ Update 2 : Using the software provided in the package, I can use it just like the usual Sirus Storm software. ------------------------------ Obviously this headset need a driver update....