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  1. And now the Final Pics Thx for watching Like my Facebook Page
  2. Here are the rest of the pictures with final Pics.
  3. Wow. Realy nice work. i like it
  4. The Project goes on Keyboard an Mouse Desk and the side panels When all Belche were finished they were sanded and varnished And the same with the frame The slots I deposited with black grid Thats it for today
  5. Next i start with the watercooling and the control of it. The boards for the fan contol and fuction test Then mount the CPU cooler Then i installed the Power an Reset button in all side panels I started slots filed. here are pictures of the back from the Chair That's it for today
  6. Next, I continued to work on the sheet metal cladding Then we went on with the wiring of the motors an the controlboard Control before sleeving and after Next, I have everything assembled and connected in the roll bar
  7. Ah lol, sehr lustig. Hoch lebe das Kleingedruckte. *thumpsup*
  8. Thx Guys Then i started with the control panel in the rollbar. At home i began with the cabeling of the engine control an power supply. At the end of the project there will be over 300m cable in the Chair Thats it for today
  9. The hardware then took his place Now comes the current state of the project. Last weekend I made ​​the armrests and the foldable desk.
  10. The reserve tank I built from a stainless steel tube. Next, a test build of the water cooling The armrests were of course also motorized. Then the trim was on the series
  11. Next i build the frame. 1. the base Then the backframe Then the roll bar
  12. Then i startet with the monitormount It is made of steel and CrNi Steel Cut the single parts And weld sn screw is together with electric motors At home i soldet the controlboard for the electric motors and cabeling everything together Here the clips Monitor Mount Front Monitor Mount Side
  13. hello This is my project Benchair It is a gaming chair and it can be moved with motors all parts. He has a volume of water cooling with 6 L. He weighs 176 kg The frame is made of steel tubing and sheet metal cladding of aluminum Here are the 3D Modles Then the first parts come