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  1. Final Updates! Large EL panel to replace the RGB back-lighting as it was very uneven. CoolerMaster headset and Keyboard modded to match the case.
  2. Last part of the water block painted to blend better with the other parts, until the lighting is completed I'm not sure if the screws I left black on a couple of bits will stay black or if I will change them to white/blue. Once I got the GPU and fitted the waterblock I could start to plan the wiring and tubing, one important part of the build I wanted to happen was zero wires visible for a very clean look and to keep in line with the Tron theme. The biggest thing I had to cover was the main motherboard PSU socket and wires, made one by cutting and bending some clear acrylic followed by some white wrap. Taped together until the glue was set, used some clear just encase I decide to have the cover lit. The next ugly wire in need of a cover was the GPU PCI-E. On to my first time with PETG hard tube, the one im using for this build is EK-HD PETG 2/16mm Tube. It's a lot more easy to work with (cutting and bending) than the normal acrylic hard tube and the only notable difference is slightly less shine when I have them side by side. Didn't order enough tube so until the extra tube arrives I moved on to the wiring and switches, only having 2 main switches for the Tron lighting, EL Tape / EL Wire, the other parts will by remote only. I did try with some ring light switches as I have used on a couple of other builds, but the light just didn't look that great with the Tron design so went with plan switches. The switches can be placed/move to any of the 2x bays at the top of the case, for now there in the top slot. The 2 big inverters are from EL Wire&tape AKA wirecraft, the small one if from China, apart from the size you can also feel the deference in quality. Switches are now connected to the inverters and working a treat.
  3. Today has been a good day,they say good things come to those that wait The final component for the Tron build has arrived, the sexy Nvidia GTX1080 Founders Edition GPU. Next steps are, fit the GPU water block and start working on the wiring and plumbing so I can see what space I have and add some final touches. The water block has now been fitted to the 1080 along with the backplate I painted earlier in the log. Fitting on the side still needs to be painted white. Plenty of spare screws and pads came with the EK FC1080 GTX, it's been one of the easiest blocks to fit. I'm now working on the cable covers for the MB power sockets and GPU, you will see in the last photo a small square pencil outline where the cable along with the cover will be going once cut. Plan is to do away with cable sleeving as this is a Tron build and keep it as clean as possible with zero wires visible
  4. I uploaded a vid that you might like to see, all about this build and some future plans for it, Now swapping out the RGB lighting that behind the logos with some EL tape for a perfect even backlight.
  5. Side panel completed, will get some daylight shots done once we get some sun here lol Used some of the same style for my Mini mod, just for the fun of it, a quick build as im on a bit of a break from the main build. Fitted with a fully working Raspberry pi. 1.2GHz 64-bit quad-core ARMv8 CPU 802.11n Wireless LAN Bluetooth 4.1 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 1GB RAM 4 USB ports 40 GPIO pins Full HDMI port Ethernet port Combined 3.5mm audio jack and composite video Camera interface (CSI) Display interface (DSI) Micro SD card slot VideoCore IV 3D graphics core PSU - 5v 2a Not bad for the size, fits well with my collection of 1:6 scale
  6. For the main build Im using around 7 or 8 wires thats mostly cut to size, other parts I made new cuts and adjustments to the lengths. for one of them I just threaded it like a dress, weaving from front to back then the front again. The only other thing that im still changing as I go along is the power needed for the wire and tape, dont want to underpower causing them to be dim but also not wanting them too bright causing them to have a shorter life. For the side panel i'm going with one that's airbrushed and also doing a plain one painted the same as the rest of the case. I'm doing the airbrushing in 3 stages, first the panel was painted the same as all the case but then sanded down ready for the shadows and base colours, protected again with some clear coat and then stage 2, now I have clear coated all the design and will be waiting for that to harden before doing the highlights and fine details followed by a final protective clear coat. Some parts of the design will hopefully have a matte look where others will be a nice mirror/gloss finish to help him pop-out from the back background. This might look a bit crap at the moment but should look great when completed, I like to try use as many skills as I can when doing my builds, this is something I've never attempted before so i'm learning as I go along
  7. After some very careful and painfully slow masking the disc is almost completed, painted with water-based black so as not to damage the plastic coating. here's some pics of the Tron 2.0 mod, all the paintwork is completed and im now working in the lighting.
  8. Started carefully placing the EL wire and some tapes, this was tricky, glued my fingers to the wire a couple of times lol Put down some tape on the none flat parts for some protections and as a guideline. Top is done, sides and front still need some more work doing.
  9. Sound Card almost complete, just need to add something to the top plate.
  10. This has been the best part of the build so far, the results from the extensive paint coats, sanding, buffing and polishing have paid off, by far the best paint finish I've achieved with gloss. This has taken weeks, not a easy task especially with the sharp edged all over the panels making it very easy to take the paint of all the way down to the primer if not do perfect. This is the result after the gloss had been put down. Plenty of orange peal and although it looks shiny I cant stand the peal. So after the couple of weeks painting then sanding I got the gloss down and had to wait a week or so for the gloss to harden, then I carefully sanded down the gloss to get the surface as smooth as possible with paper. my hands looked like I had been sat in the bath for 2 hours lol Because I'm so happy with the result I will show you all a good handful of photos. Hope you like the result as much as myself and the next update will be installing some of the EL bits.
  11. The most part of the internal layout. Some painted with acrylic and plasti-dip for the rest. I've made some covers for the bottom, sides and back that will all be painted white or wrapped once the wiring is done. Back-plate for the sound card in place, used some velcro to hold it down as I will be needing to mess with it later in the build, its also a bit more tidy than using the screws on the card to hold it. got this cutter some years back for my model making, helps add some detail to the plastic, also very useful for cutting the plexi Bit wonky as it's not fastened in place just yet.. Same again for the back cover. Ordered some more white plexi, so most the parts will be re-cut using the old ones as a template. After some testing I decided to have the RAD facing the standard way rather than upside down. Just didn't have the room I wanted at the top for all the pipe and fittings.
  12. Here are some closer shots of the before and after CPU block. This is the backplate for the GTX1080 GPU, no white available so went ahead and painted a black one. I will be adding something extra to this later. Sound Cards repainted white with some added blue. This wont really be seen as the card faces down, but I still wanted to have it matching and hopefully the reflection will show once the bottom panel is added. For the pump I just needed to paint the rubber padding and the metal bottom. Here's the RAD, I think it looks great in white. Wont be needing to paint the fans for this RAD as they will be hidden on the other side. This is the fans for the double RAD going on the top, as it will be seen on the inside of the case I painted them.
  13. I've been doing bits here and there on the case as I'm waiting for painted parts to harden. The base of the case is where I'll be having the pump, I decided to cut in to the PSU cover rather than totally removing it as it will help keep the case strong and be a good support for the pump and other bits. I made some templates for the bottom and side that will be used to make some covers out of plexi, this will also be painted or wrapped in white later down the line. Heres the panel cut to shape, all that's needed for now is a hole for the pump to sit in, some other cuts will be made after testing the layout. Now for the motherboard, its originally white, red and silver. I removed all the parts I wanted to paint and covered the red with some white wrap, the white did't match good enough so I went all out and painted the parts white. I wont be using the whole southbridge cover, but I've kept the G1 silver part should I decide to use it somewhere later. The motherboard is looking nice and clean, the white should look great with the light blue lighting once completed. I've also painted the RAM and some other parts like the EK waterblock shown in the photo below. I will get some more photos of them and the other parts posted in the next update.
  14. Only needed to paint the edges here as all the other parts will be covered. Most the panels with the 1st coat of black. A quick wet sand ready for the 2nd coat of black, this will help show any high spots and imperfections in the base, you will notice most of the edges are high due to the case design and primer buildup. 2nd and final black base, this was also sanded after it was dry before adding 2x top coats that will need a week to harden before I can sand and polish, I hate orange peal on paintwork so its a must When complete I'm hoping the black will look like glass. This is not the final finish, still needs a good sand and another coat of clear before the final flat.