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  1. Just ordered a MasterLiquid ML240R RGB. Would be nice to include the tubing length in the specifications.
  2. I posted on May 18th 2018 about removing the warranty tag. Mohd Noh, a moderator, answered promptly and replied: "Buy me some time , i will ask someone at HQ regarding this issue ". It has now been 76 days without a word. Have you forgotten about me @Mohd Noh ? I poked you twice in the last two months, but not even a squeal. Will you release me from the curse of the white tag @Mohd Noh? C'mon Cooler Master, I want to make it mine.
  3. Hello Mohd Noh It's been two months. Surely "HQ" has replied to your query by now?
  4. In requesting time were you speaking in human or geological spans?
  5. I have always been satisfied with my Cooler Master products. Just purchased the MasterAir G100M. It has very nice woven sleeved cables for fan power and RGB control. On the attractive, highly visible, fan power cable is an aesthetically bereft white SN tag. This tag states "Warranty void if removed". Considering the FTC's recent negative position regarding warranty void if removed labels, which I heartily agree with, can I feel free to remove this obtrusive label without fear of voiding my warranty? Yours truly, a CoolerMaster Fan