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  1. haswell-e chips do not come with an oem cooler so I am just going to replace it. I have already wasted too much time on it. I'm going back to reliable old air cooling where it just works. )
  2. @M Bennet: I have the pump running fixed at full speed from the cpu opt header, with the fans running from the cpu fan header pwm controlled. The pump sits around 2800 but sometimes just stops, or doesn't start up with the computer. Also it sometimes sounds like an old central heating system, with rushes of liquid starting and stopping. Or it's just plain LOUD. I have heat and fan speed warnings set and they're just going off too often when the pump just stops, Tbh I am going to buy another cooler and bin this when I have enough time to fit it. It's not working correctly and I can't be without the computer for the time it takes for a return.
  3. CM G740M - thanks for the link again, but it's not relevant in this case. As for the rpm, I am already running at high constant or max rpm to try to get it working properly. Edit. And now there's a strange rhythmical throbbing coming from the system. It sounds like it's groaning every few seconds. In fact looking at the fan speeds I can see it happening - look at CPU Opt, the purple line. That should be rock solid like the system fans. Instead the pump is speeding up and slowing all the time.
  4. Nope.. I was wrong.. the pump isn't starting again. Anyone from cooler master want to comment?
  5. I may have fixed the problem.. I have the pump manually set in the bios and in gigabytes System Information Viewer. Not very scientific, but it's been fine the last 10 reboots and 8 hours. If it stops again I will update here.
  6. It's happening with the bios fan speed set to max all the time. I guess it could be an air bubble issue as the pump is very noisy when it happens. If it's the same, it's not going away as this pump has been operating for about 80 hours now.
  7. Update - still connected to CPU Opt fan header but fan header set to run at maximum maximum all the time and it's still happening. Suggestions?
  8. I have a nepton 240m connected to a gigabyte ga-x99-ud4. I noticed that sometimes when it starts up, the pump can be a bit noisy, but this is the least of my worries. I started checking fan speeds and found that when it happens the pump isn't coming on at all and the temperature of my 5820k is going through the roof (85-95 deg). If I restart it's fine and the temperature drops away straight away. Before I RMA the unit and have to buy another cooler (it's my new work computer from when the last one died and I can't be without it) I want check that I'm connecting it correctly. At the moment the pump is connected to the CPU opt fan header. The board is set to run on silent settings so the opt is pwm controlled. However, since I don't want the fan ever to be off, I set it to run af 100% pwm rather than the lesser 75% silent setting. Have I got this wrong? Do I need to have it run at constant settings instead? Edit: The pump just stopped spontaneously and the temps went up again, but this time not from boot. Any suggestions?
  9. Just plugged in a v850 to a x99 board and couldn't find the atx4p cable in the pack. Since this system w:ill have a gpu, a physx gpu and a couple of bm cards in it I need an atx4p. Do I have to get a full new cable set to get this? If so, which CM set has it in? (UK based)
  10. I am currently building a quiet i7-5820k/Silencio 652s based workstation but am undecided about the cooling solution. Normally I would just bang a big Hyper 612 v2 or similar in there as the quietest solution. However I want this box to be smallish, quiet and movable, and a big air cooler can damage the motherboard when moved. So looking at all in one water cooling - the Neptune's seem to be the best quiet/budget solution - so: 1. Neptune 120XL or 240M - Which would be quieter in the Silencio 652s case? Would the 120XL have to work hard and therefore be noisy? The 240M would be top mounted and therefore "directed" at me sitting right next to it. Would this make it noisier? Overall it's a quieter solution I'm after rather than an overclocking one - the machine is for work at home not play. 2. Motherboard Gigabyte X99-UD4 vs Asus X99-S - which handle variable voltage on the water block better? Dual Windows/Hackintosh build so gigabyte card easier - but.. Asus has fanexpert so automatic variable voltage to the water block is possible to keep it quieter. Anyone got experience with variable voltage on the water block with these manufacturers? Any and all thought welcome - I'd rather get it right as I won't be buying another home workstation for years!