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  1. Hello in community... Can someone of adminstators to answer me in my before question-post... for (COOLERMASTER SF-19 V2 ,where is new model)....When this model come to market and how is the cost....??????? Thx......
  2. Hi, Pim You mean, for the (SF-19 STRIKE FORCE), which is old model and have EOL....But , i mean for ( SF-19 V2), which is new model ... i think ... right...?? Because ,i click in (sf-19 V2) and i saw in download to says (New) and with click thre say (version release date 2015-10-07) ... Thx...
  3. Hello in community... I want to ask , when this base will come to market (because with search in google there is not something to find)...and how will be the cost to buy someone this base...?? thx..... :)
  4. 1) What is more NEW: CM SF-19 OR SF-17 OR SF-15...? 2) CM SF- IS MODEL 2010 OR 2011 ?? 3) GOING THE CoolerMasteR Company to CREATE New Edition of gaming cooler base 2014 yes or not ?? (please this question i want to answer me someone which job in CoolerMasteR Company.) 4)What about Aluminum is good or not for cooling...?? Because ,cm sf- is very good (in many ways that i read) but is not have aluminum. Maybe finally the all theme is about on the construction...?? 5) What Thermopaste and how often should change..?? And one thermopaste how we understand that is good..??(apart from price).. THX.....