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  1. HAF Pipe 480 (Spectrum Edition) This build is a collaboration between Richard Prins from Designs By Richard (myself) and Yorick Smilda (AKA ProAce), for the last 8 months we worked on an LED controller that could do something not possible with other controllers, control addressable LED strips and CoolForce LED fittings together to create a new kind of light show. After a couple tests and revisions we have a final one made for a project, initially it would have been a build with another manufacturer but due to unavailability we decided to not wait any longer and do a casemod with the controller, we are planning to do more casemods with this controller and we are dubbing the line-up “Project Spectrum” after the initial Project name and builds in the line-up will be known for the “(Spectrum Edition)” Yorick and myself have been have been planning this for about a month, to get this build started Yorick came over to my house for a couple days to work on the project, help out with the LED work, do some extra coding and much more, together we got pretty far and this first post will show some of the things we did on the build. Specifications: Hardware CPU: Intel 5820K Motherboard: ASUS Rampage V Extreme (X99) RAM: Klevv DDR4 Cras White LED 4x4GB (16GB) GPU's: ASUS GTX 780 DCII (x2) PSU: Cooler Master V1200 SSD's: Klevv Urbane U610 480GB (x1) and Samsung 850 Series EVO 500GB (x2 Raid 0) HDD: Western Digital Velociraptor 1TB Case: Cooler Master HAF X (modded to fit a 480mm radiator and a full lenth PSU cover) Watercooling EKWB CSQ Acrylic CPU Block (Polished) EKWB CSQ GTX 780 Block (x2 Polished) EKWB D5 Pump Block and D5 pump Nanoxia CoolForce (16mm) Fittings including LED fittings. Nanoxia CoolForce 16mm tubing Nanoxia CoolForce White Pastel Bitspower Valve fitting Hardware Labs Black Ice SR1 480mm Aquatube Reservoir Others Corsair SP 120mm (x4) BitFenix 230mm Pro fan Swiftech PWN 8 channel fan hub Nanoxia CoolForce White individually sleeved cables Custom PSU shroud Several meters of addressable LED strip. Custom designed and programmed LED controller For this new build I took to the attic to pull my old Cooler Master HAF X case out of storage after I had done 2 builds with this case before and I had been using other cases for my workstation, this case has been modified to hold a 480mm radiator in the top which I am using again. Big thanks to the sponsors for this project. Klevv sent us their CRAS RAM for a project that ended up being canceled and told me to use it in the next build we would do so here it is, sweet white LED glory to fit in with the RGB lighting (better than red lights of course) Nanoxia CoolForce has been my trusty supplier for water cooling tubing and fittings, these are the LED fittings we will be using I'll be using the V1200 which Cooler Master sponsored for a different project, due to the delay that project is going through I told them I would use it in this build. In the 2015 update build I did with it I had a PSU cover made with mounting points for the pump, HDD and an SSD, on the side it shows my old logo and the casemod name, before it had red acrylic and red LED lighting behind it so we tore it out and replaced it with clear acrylic which has been rough sanded on one side in a single direction (brushed), we then added aluminium tape which gives it a unique look, almost as if it's brushed aluminium, when the lighting is off and when it is on it reflects any light to make sure everything lights up nice and bright. *We made sure there was no possibility for the tape to come in contact with wiring or any other chance of shorting out the LED work. A quick test using the rainbow mode to make sure the LED’s all function as they should and it looks amazing, we'll definitly use this mode in the final build. 20170102_195435.mp420170102_195435.mp4 (50MB video, video is also on my Facebook page) The last time I used this case I noticed the front fan kept hitting the metal it was mounted on so a quick trim solved that. In the build we will be lighting up several blocks including the GPU blocks, these are two ASUS GTX 780 DCII GPU’s with EKWB CSQ blocks which I sanded and polished to a clear finish together and black backplates, I still had these in my collection and they would fit right in the build. This is what they looked like in my 2015 update build. And this is what they looked like with a little test for this build after we added the LED strips and hooked up the controller. We made a gif! (great to see that format is supported on this forum) GPU Project Spectrum (HAF Pipe 480).mp4 (30MB file download, video is also on my Facebook page) We hooked up all the LED strips including the ones in the case and after those 3 days it was time for Yorick to head home after all the work we had done, sadly when I put power on the controller later that day something went wrong and the LED strips (all but the PSU cover strips) got fried, we think it might have been a surge through the controller so Yorick worked on a re-design but until then we can not show the whole system lit up. There we are after 3 days of hard work in the attic where I work on systems, the table is a mess but it's worth it, we got a lot done but still a lot to do. The day after Yorick went home I started on to get back to work on the layout for the water cooling loop, a lot of puzzling was done to see what the cleanest look would be. First test to see if parallel would be the best way to do this loop (spoiler: I went with serial even though this looked pretty nice) Mounting the CPU block and this time I decided not to go with Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut like the last two times but to once again use Liquid Metal and go with Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut, we are a couple weeks further and temps are looking mighty fine, thanks to Thermal Grizzly for their support Some piping done after I decided on the layout for the tubing. After some serious bending of which the photo's seem to have disappeared (dying camera) this was the result, I've filled up the system for testing and since I wanted to use the PC until the final controller and the new LED work is done. The GPU blocks are not the only water blocks to receive the treatment, I designed this small bracket for the EK CPU block to add some LED's to it, we are going to a place where RGB overkill does not exist! The left is a Cooler mod we are doing for Cooler Master, the right is the EK CPU block bracket, all parts are designed by me and 3D printed by Yorick. I might have missed something, it's late but I will add/change anything if I notice it. The next update shouldn't take long, we received the PCB for the final version of the controller and only have to wait for a few items to be shipped before I can take it apart again and we can install everything as planned. PS: My apologies for the terrible photo's (some at least), my DSLR was dying at the time and sadly some photo's are missing, I now have a brand new one so the update photo's will all be made with that.
  2. HAF Pipe 480 (Spectrum Edition)

    Alright time for the final post (at least before the deadline) Here are some photo's from the photoshoot I did in the studio. And since CM has changed the video upload limit, here is a Youtube link to a short video I made with the rainbow effect in action. I will edit more photo's very soon and post when there is something to add
  3. HAF Pipe 480 (Spectrum Edition)

    First things first, this is what the CPU block looks like on steroids! I mean LED's. Alright, now this post will contain several randomly picked photo's from the LAN event. The rainbow loop is stretched out more than the earlier version, we are still trying to find the perfect balance. I also found out how hard it is to take good photo's in very, very dark rooms. There is a lot more from the event but I won't upload that many photo's, I will be taking photo's in the studio next week to upload those, then we are gonna do some final details and it should be ready It won the third price in the "Casemod" contest at the event, I entered the system quite late and sadly the entry date was also taken into consideration. What do you think of the result so far, the people at the LAN event were not used to this kind of computer systems and most of them really liked it
  4. HAF Pipe 480 (Spectrum Edition)

    And on to the next! The strips for the GPU blocks are in place! Please stay in place! LED's for the sponsor light panel in place, one is visible and the other is covered on the left side by the metal strip from the case. I meant to get a small acrylic cover strip to put in front of the left one but in all chaos I simply forgot about it. And something we did before has to be redone with new LED's, the PSU cover has to be stripped a bit. Adding the LED's and putting back the aluminium/plastic tape to reflect the light a bit. *Note: This is where something went wrong, one of the LED strips broke loose and the other broke at the cable connection which causes the PSU cover to be a bit less bright, luckily the result seems just fine and matches the other light panel Next step was to take the LED fitting rings and extend the cables to required lengths, this was actually a very tedious and time-consuming part that put me on the verge of panic, it was the night before I had to go to the LAN and this started to take way too long. Normally these LED rings are quite easy to hook up, simply put them on a fan header, sadly for the custom controller to control these they had to be stripped and extended, a bit more work. I decided to keep the LED rings out of the build, I have not yet decided if I want to keep it like this, hook them all up to a permanent 12V source with a simple on and off switch or continue the work and add them to the LED controller, it might be impossible to get done without breaking anything. Fast forward a bit where I add all the tubing and fill the system up again, there was a quick clean and polish for each tube and fitting since these liquids like to leave color traces everywhere. First time powering the LED strips on the CPU bracket ever and the second time we have the LED's in the case mod, it looks amazing on white (just a test). I might add one more LED strip with a custom bracket to the build, the reservoir seems a bit boring like this, the pump block will not receive lighting due to the orientation, it wouldn't fit the other items. Next update will contain photo's from the CPU block and photo's from the event
  5. HAF Pipe 480 (Spectrum Edition)

    Alright, we are getting there, last weekend I was at a LAN party so for that I rushed to work on the build. First thing after the last update was sanding the clear acrylic panel for the sponsor light panel, nothing special there, just sanding it in a single direction to give the light something to reflect from behind the logos. I asked Yorick to send me the "negative" cut outs so I can use them as guides for gluing the smaller parts. After a tedious hour of gluing this was the result. Next up was fitting the front I/O cover that I designed and Yorick printed, it has some flaws but looks damn slick on the black case. The ridges are there because the cover was designed to be flush with the panel, the panel has an angled inlay and printing a flat but angled area gives results like this. Okay, we seem to have everything we need together....time to take this thing apart again and put it back together with some LED work. Since the last leak I had was at the drain port I took no chances and added some towels. Let's skip to the interesting part, all the mess and unscrewing, removing, cleaning is too boring. Alright, first thing I really need to know is if this new CPU block bracket actually fits, small chance that temperature warping could make it not fit...but it fits! This is how the LED's where added to the bracket.
  6. HAF Pipe 480 (Spectrum Edition)

    Alright the day is almost there, I received the package from Yorick with everything I need for the final build, today I will be testing the LED fitting rings one more time after extending the wires before tearing the build down tomorrow and building it back up with everything in place, fingers crossed it goes well and all because this weekend it will be used by me at a large Dutch LAN party I also got some new business cards to fit the scheme There will be more builds with this lighting system because not just one, not two, even not three but four systems will be using this lighting controller that we made and photo's will be posted as soon as possible. The connection for the LED rings on the controller is a simple screw in bare wire solution so I started with removing all the connectors and then cutting off the terminals, some of these will be extended to make sure the wires reach the controller and those will be sleeved with white paracord to let the LED work color them.
  7. HAF Pipe 480 (Spectrum Edition)

    Well sadly disaster struck and my system sprung a leak earlier this week, I didn't really plan for that but at least I could test out the CPU block bracket and I found out it is slightly too large in some places so we'll get that fixed with a new version. After a bit of a cleanup and having the parts all dry it was time to put it back together, in the meanwhile I received the package from Nanoxia CoolForce with some white cable extensions that will fit right in with the white coolant and RGB lighting so I added them. All the tubing back in place, I checked for any damage to tubes but they seem totally unharmed. I added the bottom tube here as a support since the one above it was the on that sprung the huge leak, this will make sure it doesn't pop out again like that. I added more toilet paper after this photo to take care of any possible leaks before I start. This CoolForce White Opaque coolant looks amazing with the other parts. The res looks damn great (right after filling, still bubbly as it can be). The support seems to do its job just fine. This time I decided to keep the drives that don't have a mount outside my case with some Nanoxia cables, the 2TB is meant to be hot-swappable anyway. That's it for now, Yorick is working on the controller, I am busy with the LED fitting rings and the panel designs, I've had a busy few weeks so I hope to put some time in this build now
  8. HAF Pipe 480 (Spectrum Edition)

    We got the PCB's in for the controllers, Yorick has done a quick test and it seems everything is working fine. I'll be designing a quick case for it. Yorick will solder the parts on it and we'll do a test with everything very soon. There are a few custom panels that are ready to be laser cut, there are also a few that still need to be drawn up by me. The LED strips for the CPU bracket can be soldered and tested outside the case, the final test with the block will be after we drain the system. Nanoxia CoolForce has to send us the package with some key parts for this build and then everything should be ready. Most of this should be done within the next 2 weeks
  9. Hola! Me llamo piscina de la muerta! It's time for a new casemod and this time with my favorite Marvel character as the theme. Ever since the test footage leaked I've been planning to do a casemod with Deadpool as the theme, when it was announced that they agreed to a movie and with the release date of the 12th of February 2016 I was overjoyed. The idea's I had where quickly put back into the freezer due to the large amount of work I was putting into starting my own custom design company this year. Then in May I saw a picture of an In Win D Frame Mini in the perfect color and that's where the ball started rolling. Sponsors: In Win Avexir T-Grizzly Cooler Master Part list: Case: In Win D Frame Mini in Anodized Red Motherboard: ASUS Rampage V Extreme CPU: Intel 5820K GPU('s): MSI GTX 980 Ti 6G RAM: Avexir Blitz 1.1 DDR4 4x4GB (16GB) SSD('s): 2x Samsung 850 EVO 500GB PSU: Cooler Master V1200
  10. Project Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth

    I'm back with another update, back in January I was working on the Radiator Pack and the image below shows how that came to look (there were still mounts to add) Sadly recently the company that would fabricate the bend tubing replied to me saying their machines can not handle the small diameter tubing so I am forced to put this back in the fridge and start a new design for the watercooling parts. More as soon as I have something to show
  11. Project Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth

    Not yet the waterpack design update but I did receive the coolants that I will use. Mayhems Aurora 2 Silver and X1 Blood Red will be mixed together I did a little test and it looks good, not exactly like I want it but I'll get a Deep Red Dye and Silver Booster for when I put it in the loop so I can make some adjustments
  12. Project Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth

    The Deadpool rig was shown at an event so just before that I did a couple of cables like the custom SATA power, a yet incomplete 24 pin (almost done) and I was working on the GPU power cables but those didn't get close to finished in time. Received two covers for the backside from the laser cutter, he messed up since the height of both covers wasn't on point but a little bit too big, since I was in a hurry I decided to sand down the edges a bit and then polish them on the right cover for the cables, that one worked, the other one didn't fit at all. It has gotten a little bit busy with some other things including building a new website and another casemod but here is the current progress in pictures Overall view The SATA power and 8 pin CPU power cables put together in a spiral, it looks pretty good and I think I'll keep it like this and just add the 4 pin CPU power to the spiral. The 24 pin cables going from the tray channels to the PSU This sleeving looks so damn nice, I also curled the 24 pin cables like the SATA and CPU power and it just adds a nice rough look I'll also turn that CM grill on the PSU right side up since it is bugging me. The SSD's nicely behind the acrylic cover, you can see how precise the fit is with the cables Even though these are not all the 24 cables yet it gives a good idea how everything will look The heatshrink on the SATA power cables became loose but that should be fixed easily Had a chat with someone from ASUS at the event where the Deadpool build was set up, I told him I wasn't going to watercool the motherboard since I liked the I/O cover too much and didn't want to take mine apart, so he offered to send me one to take apart, seems like MB watercooling is back on the menu. It arrived and I wasn't sure if it would be soldered together or if I would have to grab my dremel to cut it away, apparently it just slides into place and they glued it, just twist and then pull it out, it's not that hard to remove (don't know why I haven't seen it done anywhere else) I've been working on idea's for the radiator, pump and reservoir setup/mounts for weeks, 2 weeks ago I had 5 idea's pretty much worked out. 1. Waterpack: mounted on the backside, 2x 240mm rad and a powerful pump/res combo all put inside a custom designed aluminium mount. 2. External tower: A completely separate tower with quick disconnect. 3. A pedestal mount: A big aluminium sheet bend into an upside down U shape with two rad mounts and a pump/res mount in the middle between the rads The other two where different versions of 2 and 3 so I won't go too much into those I made some drawings and worked some out in 3D but they all looked way too large to use with such a small case except for the waterpack idea so that's what I'm going for, I'm already working on the 3D design to have it cut will post it when it's done. I don't know when the next update will be since I got a lot to do at the moment but I hope to show the 3D model soon.
  13. Project Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth

    Thanks Pim For some time there was no update, the reason was that I had to wait a little for the last package. Cooler Master didn't have everything in stock (especially the PSU) but when they finally had everything they got it over to me in record time I have picked up a bobblehead Deadpool figure when I was at Firstlook (Dutch gaming event) so he will watch over me working on everything In the package was the final main hardware part, they sent over their V1200 PSU, the newly released Quickfire XTi keyboard, a Mizar mouse and also the Swift RX Large mouse mat to make the set complete Everything for sleeving the cables is in, some Teleios Red and Black fusion sleeving, heatshrink for heatshrinkless style sleeving (yeah makes no sense), connectors, terminals, LC crimper, wire stripper, 18 AWG black wire (not in the picture) and some thinner white cables since the black wires are a tiny bit to thick for the grooves on the back and these are thinner so they'll be able to go in between. Next week it will be time for me to burn my fingers sleeving the cables In the meanwhile I also got two longer SATA data cables since the 30CM versions came short by 2-3 centimeters thanks to the layout change, these 50CM versions should do the trick.
  14. Project Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth

    This build is now divided into two stages, the first being air, the build will be put together and in working order on air for testing and OC'ing before i continue and go on to stage two which is of course water, watercooling will be added and for that I am now designing a custom radiator and pump mount. Okay now it is time for the actual update It's been a while but finally the update I was looking forward to, in this update I test fitted all the hardware on the custom tray I finally received my Thread cutters for 6-32 (the size that the stand offs use) and went straight to it. I don't have any photo's of mounting the hardware because that's pretty basic and I was too enthusiast to think about it. Here are some pictures that I made after everything was mounted, there are a lot more pictures but I won't post all of them. I've also put together another banner, this one I made myself, what's your opinion, which one should I use? In this new banner you can also clearly see two new supporters of Project Deadpool, T-Grizzly and Cooler Master joined the project. T-Grizzly sent out two Hydronaut kits for this and future projects, this is one of their High End Thermal Paste and comes with a special applying nozzle (called an Applicator) O.o can't wait to use it Cooler Master is sponsoring a PSU, the V1000 to be specific and also two other things but I'll keep that for myself for now Tell me your opinion about the current progress, even if you think something is off or did I forget to explain or mention something ? Next update will probably have pictures of the modified SATA power connectors since they where 2 hairs too long and I need to make them a tiny bit shorter to have it fit and work
  15. Project Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth

    The amazing CNC work from Peter Uhrskov Berg on the custom motherboard tray for Project Deadpool, he is done with this side and will be doing the other side soon. Can't wait to get it in and put it on the D Frame Mini. This part makes the In Win D Frame mini hold an E-ATX motherboard, 2x 2,5 inch drive sunken into the tray and the ultimate cable management by using grooves for the 24-pin and up to 4x 8-pin cable to supply two GPU's. Here are some photo's of the part that he sent me, the other side is being done tomorrow. The first grooves are cut Remaining grooves made First side completed Tomorrow the other side is being done and then it shouldn't take too long before I get it in to fit in the D Frame Mini
  16. Project Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth

    Long time no updates but finally things are moving quicker again, the motherboard tray is being milled at the moment (by a life saver from Denmark). Sleeving equipment and materials will arrive somewhere next week, I do not yet have a PSU but that will of course also come in. Yesterday I received the CPU and cooler that I ordered, a 5820K for now cooled by a Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3. There are two reasons for this aircooler, the first being that watercooling before Insomnia 55 would not be done well enough, the second reason is that this is the largest cooler I could get that does not cover the nice RAM Also the MSI 980 TI 6G block isn't out yet As soon as the motherboard tray and PSU get in I can start making the custom cables, the two covers for the back of the tray will be cut, some covers cut and the system will be ready to go with me to Insomnia 55. The next two weeks are going to be very busy.
  17. Project Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth

    The card for the project came in. The MSI GTX980 Ti Gaming 6G is currently in my HAF Pipe system for testing (and OC'ing) My photography equipment will arrive later this week and then I'll make some better pictures of pretty much everything, for now I need to wait.
  18. Hard at work on Project Deadpool

  19. Project Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth

    July 21st: Renders!!! After 4 nights of hard work, solving a lot of dilemma's and some changes in my plans I am finally done with the design of the motherboard tray . At the same time I gave myself a new version of my logo, looks a little nicer. The tray offers support for the E-ATX form factor Rampage V Extreme, cable channels for a 24 pin and 4x8 pin to supply two high end GPU's of power. The backside with the channels, SSD placing cut outs, clear cover on the right and a red cover on the left to do some laser engraving on. The frontside has the holes for the cable channels, SSD power and data cables and the mounting holes for E-ATX. To make this tray design perfect before having it made I had some 1:1 scale prints made to check everything, I put those on the standard tray and checked for imperfections, changed a few things to make everything work (At least I hope). And the other side (uncut). These where some quick pictures and my apologies for the smudges, the lens wasn't clean I see. I hope the tray is finished soon so I can continue on some other parts Some parts I am already working on like the radiator mounts and pump mount, I'm still ironing out the kinks on that. To end this update, here is a picture with the current hardware on the print, looks like it will work fine.
  20. Project Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth

    July 9th: Still working on the motherboard tray but in the meanwhile I got some packages. First I received the DDR4 Blitz RAM from Avexir Looks good on the motherboard but it needs some customization so lets get the calipers The final parts that I needed for the tray design came in, I needed the ultra thin SATA cables from Silverstone and the switches, the other parts are a valve and a deburrer but for now those are for my other casemod I am finishing the tray design this week and then it will go to the CNC milling company to have it made since I do not own a CNC mill Will put up the final design of the tray. Already working on the other custom part, a radiator mount to be mounted on the side for some cooling power, for anyone thinking I could fit a radiator inside the frame, you are correct but a small radiator doesn't do it for me Got some more parts coming in this week, I hope to receive the tray somewhere near the end of this month so I can start mounting the board and all the parts. See you at the next update
  21. Project Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth

    June 19th: The first parts came in a while ago In Win sent over one of their red anodized D Frame Mini cases. As soon as the case came in I started taking measurements to see how much space there is and what is possible, the case is made to work with a Mini-ITX motherboard but soon I found out there was a lot more space. I started with the design of a custom motherboard tray, the motherboard size was soon lifted to Micro ATX. A little while later I decided to put my old Maximus IV Extreme Z (E-ATX) in there to see if ATX would fit and....well here things changed a lot, E-ATX fits fine and I decided to make this the most extreme build in a D Frame Mini to date (correct me if I am wrong) But you can't design a custom tray with only images to go on so a few days after my birthday I went out and bought myself a few gifts THe ASUS Rampage V Extreme and two Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD's which will be sunken into the tray. Quick photo of how the Rampage will be placed inside the case At this moment the motherboard tray is still in the design fase and that will take some time, here are two images of the current progression of the final version, there have been a few test versions before this design. The tray will be milled from 12mm thick aluminium, cables will be sunken into the backside of the tray just like the SSD's and the whole tray will be anodized red in the end to match This is it for now, I am hard at work to get to the next step
  22. Tri-MAX [scratchbuild/ worklog]

    Let the games begin, can't wait to see your work on the Tri-MAX mate
  23. Just signed up, getting ready to post my mod and will be around for the next mods too