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  1. Thanks to the sponsor... (my supportive girlfriend.. ) testing mounted
  2. Arcis Modz


    nice work... looking great.
  3. thanks guys,,, im happy that you like it. small update. out of town last weekend. 1 panel to goooo..... forgot to put holes for the fittings.
  4. update incoming,........ half part done. so far no leak. 3rd layer testing. hoping no leak. testing later.
  5. Measure twice... cut once... Totally forgot... LOL
  6. hey guys, some progress on this build rework on the psu shroud. to do: finish the cutting for top panel. (inline loop) prepare the side panel for etching engraving for the rubber o-ring canal. detail works painting.
  7. Arcis Modz


    nice build bro. i think it would look nice if you add some biocide and dye.
  8. Thanks Corsair and Corsair Malaysia for this items Warranty???? VOID!!! hehehehehe.
  9. Thanks bro... hi guys. update incoming..... bracelets... anyone???? my best assistant. fiance helping out... i know... lucky me. i smell trouble.... (leak)
  10. hahaha... yes bro.. chrono_kairo of lyn. real name is andrew lee. thanks btw.
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    thanks for the info bro.
  12. Arcis Modz


    hey bro. where did you grab those fittings and acrylic tube? your also here in malaysia right? btw. looking good so far. keep it up.
  13. got home early from work so i decided to play with mayhems coolant. that green. ay lab et.
  14. hey guys... some updates for this build. just finished the psu shroud and the cutout for the gpu bracket locking system for my gpu... no need to far gpu is tightly secured.... hope it works as it should be. if not.. plan b..
  15. thanks bro.. got a chance to borrow a tripod from a friend. so i updated the hardware/box photo section of the first post. my photo studio. hahahahahaha.
  16. hi guys. cut the I/O shield and finish the mobo tray. also, playing with some led strip for testing. lights off. lights on.
  17. hey guys.. its been a while since my last update. so now, all side are now assembled and they are now attached to each other. just cleaned my current pc setup since i will need the hardware for some test fits and measurement. but da*n... its only been 3 months and that dust.... and now some test fits.. doing some bending for the shroud. accidentally dropped it. *sigh* need to do some rework... thanks for viewing.
  18. after work mod. backpanel #KLnightshot top panel testing. sorry for the crappy pics.
  19. hi guys, its been a while. after all those cutting and breaking blades.... finally, i can see a box??... all sides/panels are now complete. next thing to do is sanding and screwing all panels. this one will take awhile.
  20. the final piece for this project finally arrived... testing... 1....2....3...