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  1. Hey Guys, ARCIS MODZ here, this is my 2nd year in the cooler master case mod contest. 

    This casemod is inspired by the Fallout 4 Game. I'm going to use a custom liquid cooling system in this build. I will also be doing some light modification on the Motherboard. So please stay tuned and hope you guys enjoy the project.
    Hardware List:
    Below is the list of parts/hardwares to be used in this build.
    CPU: I7 6700K - ✓
    MoBo: Asus ROG Impact VIII - ✓
    RAM: - 
    GPU: Asus Strix GTX 980ti  - ✓ 
    CASE: HAF Stacker 915F
    Water Cooling:
    CPU Block: EK Supremacy CPU Block Nickel Plexy -  âœ“
    GPU Block: EK-FC980 GTX Ti Strix - Nickel -  âœ“
    Rad: EK-CoolStream SE 240 (Slim Dual) -  âœ“
    Pump/Res Combo: EK-XRES 140 DDC 3.2 PWM Elite (incl. pump) -  âœ“
    Fittings: EK-HDC Fitting 12mm G1/4 - Black -  âœ“
    Fittings: EK-AF Pass-Through G1/4 - Black -  âœ“
    Hard Tube: EK-HD PETG Tube 10/12mm 500mm  -  âœ“
    Coolant: EK-Ekoolant Pastel YELLOW  -  âœ“
    MODS and Misc:
    Led Lights: White LEDS -  âœ“
    Sleeves: ARCIS MODZ cable sleeves -  âœ“
    Hardware Shots:

  2. This project is quite a ride. Some setbacks was encountered, (busted PSU, leak and more leak up to the point that I almost gave up), but with the help of all the sponsors and support from my friends, I somehow made it. 


    For my friends who support me all the way from the design phase to completion of this build, you know who you are, thank you so much.

    For new friends who i met because of this competition, thank you so much for all those encouragement and kind words, it boost up my confidence and determination.

    To my gf who supports me all the way on this build, thank you so much, you know how much it means to me.

    To my family who supports me on this build, thank you so much.


    Again, I would like to say my big thanks to Intel, Intel Malaysia, Corsair, Corsair Malaysia, Bitfenix, Bitfenix Malaysia for all the help and support you guys gave.


    And to all the people who view this thread, its my pleasure to have you guys here. I hope you enjoy your ride with me on this project.



    Andrew Lee

  3. cant imagine malaysia also have pro


    good job ... to all of you guys


    but next time u try ask our local cooler master probably they can sponsor you  :)


    thanks bro.. im no pro, i just a beginner in modding. still got a long long way to go.  ;)