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  1. Final Pics of the completed build guys. Might add few more parts to the build and then i will update. but until then this is the final look.
  2. A big thanks goes out to Gigabyte. If not for them this build would not reach this level. Thank You Very Much
  3. Hi Guys, So this is the final update. So after assembling all the parts i took them apart and painted with black and Gigabyte Orange. And here's are them Then back to assembling all of them. So when i left home back to my hostel it looked like this I didn't like the front panel that much Got a new PSU. COOLER MASTER Thunder M Modular, aesthetic and cheap I did a little redesign for the front panel. this is the final look of the build with LED lights on
  4. Hi Modders, here's the starting of metal work that i did for the build. first i made using mild steel but it was too heavy, so here it is in Aluminium. All cust by Jigsaw and Dremel. As you can see the side panels didn't fit well. so i had to change the design to some extent. So the internal structure is like this... but the mobo tray is not inverted.
  5. Hi everyone. after quite some time. here with the custom block on the cpu. first of all i should say that this block didn't have a significant temp difference than an air cooler. but it was a test run without using a rad, just connect it to a pump and connect the pump to a res. inlet for the res is a tap and outlet from the block just goes out to the sink.
  6. In my opinion cases should have enough room inside for proper cable management if they are windowed. otherwise no mater how small they r a messed up cable management will make it look ugly. so Mono keep in mind to have clean cable management. that would be a hard thing, but if u pull it off then it will be epic Wow Drew, everything hand cut? nice that's what i call modding. things are too easy when everything is done by automated machines lol and about the liquid i think Drew can use UV coolant with UV lights so it will actually glow
  7. This is the final look of the motherboard cover. i liked the white frosted look, but i decided to use a carbon fibre sticker
  8. ha ha i was just kidding about death race. i said it because it looks like destructive stuff from that movie. good luck mate!
  9. Wow u r a genius mate. first time seeing ur builds and i must say. it great