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  1. Final update here with the finished rig. The side panel fitted .. The SSD mount Power Switch braided in Teleios Green and Black .. Side Panel again .. SSD mounted The Fill Port .. PSU cable ... The top Window .... I will take more pics once I have time but for now this is a finished build thank for looking hope you enjoyed it.
  2. Hello again folks small update on the modded Avexir ram I took this kit of ram and modded it to suit the theme .. 1st with a white paint job .. And some Decals ... Next are some quick phone cam shots of the laser etched SSD and side panel .. So I have some work on the internals and and ready to put the loop together back soon as this needs to be finished in the next 36 hours in time for a decent photo shoot. Bye for now folks
  3. Hello again People It has took a little longer than planned but right now I am building PCs for clients and working on my own so the path to becoming a PRO is one that takes more time than ever now so here is a big update on what is happened to the case but 1st the specs Case: Cooler Master Silencio 550 White Edition CPU: Intel Pentium G3258 @ 4.8Ghz M/B: MSI Z97 Krait GPU: MSI 960 GTX Gaming 2 G Ram: ? Need sponsor SSD: ? Need sponsor PSU: BitFenix Fury 750W Fans: BitFenix Spectre Pro Cooling Full Custom hard line loop with EK and Bitspower Removed all the internal cages etc. Prepping for a window. Front Removed for a 360 Rad and new Front Panel that E22 laser cut for me. Removed the original case feet and replaced with these Diamond Knurl MNPCTECH ones Painted the I/O shield black to keep the color scheme all uniform. The Bits you do not see Made a PSU Cover and some decals to start bringing the theme together. The MSI GTX 960. The Water Block as no full cover one is ever to be made I am using the EK Thermosphere and will make a custom back plate for it. Made a Cover for the I/O at the back of the case not decided on the decal for this yet most likely be a simple Text with the Krait logo Got a lot more trim to make for the internals before doing the loop this will be a parallel one so this is something I am looking forward too due to the hard tube and the symmetry Bye for now folks
  4. Hi guys due to an over site on my part I will have to pull my other entry from the comp so I have got some stuff together to mod a case, just did not want to miss out on the fun so I picked the case I felt would suit my style best and here we are last minute but here none the less. I will be using some stuff that MSI have sent me and grabbed a few other things to help it along I will make a full spec list as soon as I have it all finalized. Here is what I have so far: As well as load of water cooling stuff that again will have to be sorted to see what I am short on Here is a quick picture of how I got to selecting the Silencio 550 the black and white thing works so well but a hint of green will make it really kick . I will have to leave this for today just wanted to get the entry in updates next week bye for now.
  5. crazy cool love the work
  6. Hi folks This is my 1st real post here and its a build log for a Scratch build that I have been doing over some time from last summer until now and when everyone was getting excited about the Case Mod World Series I decided to enter with it so rather than copy and paste from my other logs this is a brand new one and we will start with how the idea came about. Last summer When working on a different project my friend Nate who runs E22 and I was talking about this steel frame I had in my workshop and what could be done with it to make a Case. So We talked over some things that I would like and he got to work on this concept and I then came up with the theme and idea for how it would look once I seen these 1st renders The Silver Ghost would be very much alive. This Project has been sponsored by Corsair EK Water blocks, E22 and Pexon PCs so massive thanks to them for the help or this would not be possible The Specs: Intel 3930K Asus P9 X79 Pro HOF 780 GTX x2 SLI Corsair 16Gb Dominator Platinum 2133 Corsair HX850i Corsair Force LS 240GB x2 Raid 0 EK 180mm WE Rad X2 EK EVO White CPU Block EK D5 and Top EK 250mm X3 Res (White) EK 780 HOF Blocks EK HDC 12mm OD Nickel Fittings E22 Ultra Clear Aquero 6 XT After a very busy year for myself work only picked up on this again in January this year as Nate was very busy with his Hex Gear Company Launch he did not have time to carry on working on this with me and as I am not a designer or am I skilled with any form of CAD programs the past month has been long process of daily talks with my friend Richard Prins of going over all the cut point's and places for holes to be tapped out etc and really getting things just perfect before Laser cutting the panels, in this time I have been getting on with the dirty and messy work of cleaning the Frame and stripping down stuff to powder coat and paint so a lot has been done to get to this point and have a time to finish this before the deadline. Here are some pics of the latest design and the hardware that will be used: That is all for now folks the next update will show some modding and give you all a better idea of what is going to happen. Hope you enjoy this so far .
  7. Just signed up to the forum and will be getting active here and for certain entering this comp