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  1. If you have cleaned the bulk of the excess paste off of the socket I would go ahead and re-paste the heat sink and reassemble. Chances are quite good that there won't be an issue and the computer will boot up normally. AFAIK the stock Cooler Master paste is not conductive so there should be no worry about electrical shorts. If the computer ran fine before you took the cooler off other than being twisted looking you'll be fine.
  2. I'm happy to say that I finally received the correct parts and it's back up and running. Took too long and was too much trouble for a simple parts request in my opinion. Parts received March 23.
  3. Did you try another fan header? Shipping is dead slow if my experience is any indication.
  4. I don't think this is what this thread is for but I'll complain here anyway. I did not take the survey as I did not return my product to the retailer. Online support has been great shipping replacement parts has been horrible. I requested parts Jan. 6th was approved was happy. Waited over a month for shipping details got nothing but had noticed the note that you were experiencing delays. Finally contacted support person was very helpful parts were shipped a day later I was happy. Was shipped parts for the wrong cooler totally useless to me. Reapplied for the correct part contacted support and was told no problem we'll rush the correct part. Still waiting over 2 weeks later and no tracking number. I have been without my Siedon 240 for over 2 months now and making due with a first generation Hyper212 that I've had for years. I choose this cooler because of good reviews and the fact that it fit easily in the front of my HAF XB. Getting frustrated with the after sale support being offered and am doubtful I'll buy another Cooler Master product.