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  1. Thank you for serving players using finger type. This new version of Xornet made me happy, especially with laser sensor and control LOD. Thanks! Fernando Herknork
  2. Hello everyone! I found that the only ones to mice fingertips are Spanw and Xornet models, excellent mice. But my question is whether, in future, will come a new version of some of these models, especially the Spawn, with an improved sensor, a different finish, but maintaining the same standard ergonomic. The grip it is perfect for fingertips but unfortunately falls short on the issue of sensor sensitivity and the external finish deserved some more robust buttons It seems that targeted mice to fingertips are forgotten and that's bad. I have searched for a comfortable mouse and found these two models, but need a high-performance sensor, a wider range of macros and settings, all within the same housing Spawn. The 3500 dpi sensor is sufficient, but should have as regular dpi dpi for a more complete program that supports macros in FPS and a good laser sensor. Even with a small amount of people who are fingertips, just ask some attention and consideration because finding a mouse for us is complicated and what you give us is always those ambidextrous mice that because they have side buttons hinder fingers I apologize if my English is misunderstood, because I used the google translator. I am from Brazil and my English is bad. Appreciate the attention Fernando Herknork