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  1. it'd be a really easy implementation, it could be an optional accessory, and could be manufactured on machines that likely already exist. for the time being, i just have the PSU sitting in my case, not mounted to anything, i'm looking into longer screws that would work, but if this was an option that either came with the case, or could be purchased separate, then i could have a nice, stock looking CM HAF XB EVO.
  2. so, i'm shopping for a new PSU to go into my HAF XB Evo, and several of the ones that are "perfect" are just a little too long to fit with the x-dock where it is, so i was thinking, why can't there be a bracket for the XB EVO that lets you extend the PSU bay? the PSU is already mounted to the little bracket anyways, why not just make a longer one?