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  1. Aaaandddddd it worked! Words cannot express how much I am thankful for that update tool! I hope it gets released soon so that other users who have the same problem will get theirs fixed as well! The Trigger is such a wonderful, well built keyboard! Thanks alot for fixing up the bugs! I am sooooo happpy!!!
  2. Thank you good sir! I for one am very happy that you guys are working on it! I will try asking for it and would love to give you guys an update. I am glad that you guys have such wonderful support. Your reply made my day. Thanks again!
  3. May I ask if Cooler Master is working on a firmware update for their TRIGGER keyboard? I find it disappointing to see that other keyboards were given firmware updates like the TRIGGER-Z or some of the Quickfire series, but us TRIGGER users did not get any... Our boards have an issue wherein it would just bug out and you could not type on it(the keys get jumbled, for example backspace becomes 6) and for me whilst searching for a solution, I have found alot of other users having the exact same problem. This video has the exact same problem that my keyboard has: Should I wait for a patch of a firmware update? I hope someone would answer. Thanks.
  4. Also, is this a known issue already? Whilst searching for solutions on the Internet I have stumbled around lots of people having the same problem... Lucky for them that their Board controllers went bad early so that they could RMA it. It sucks for me because the problem showed up much later. I am a big fan of CoolerMaster/CM Storm products. I hope someone would assist me/us on this. Thanks!
  5. Bump for this thread, as I am getting the exact same problem as well. I cannot login with the keys bugged out. What's more sad is my board is out of warranty. I cannot remember anything I did to trigger this issue. I hope we could get a fix on this. and oh btw I tried Martin's fix but to no avail.