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  1. Can anyone help solve the problem of this noisy pump? I've installed and re-installed 3 times to no avail. I've followed the instructions of putting the pump connection into the CPU Fan socket, to no avail. Having seen a tip on-line I've put the fan header in the CPU Fan socket and the pump header into a 3-pin socket on the MB, to no avail. This is the setup I've used in the video - Any help would be much appreciated. Stats from Speccy & HWMonitor are as expected when running Handbrake with low fan RPMs and low CPU temps. Before installing the Nepton the CPU would crash at 70C when running Handbrake. For the image setup the 2 fans were connected separately (no Y connector) and the pump was in the 3-pin header. MB: ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX (Socket 942) R1 Cheers
  2. post delete. posted in wrong thread.