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  1. If I could get my hot little hands on a COSMOS II for laser CMM we could make any aftermarket part you could think of: New doors, removable motherboard tray...
  2. Cool-beans it's not just going to be GPU's; HPC Clusters have, until now been an area for specialists and it's all ready to go mainstream. There's already movement by the same bunch that didn't let the PC-XT die to put a motherboard in an optical drive package so that we can have a Head Node and Node 1, Node 2,,,in the same case running Windows 2008 or 2012. Add that to two Intel E-7 family CPU's on the motherboard and 4, 6, or 8 GPU's or 6 GPU's and a Matrox system is what I'm talking about. I don't need it for steeling cypercoins, I take money the legal way; by manufacturing snack food and flavorings, lending money, trading shares of common stock, and designing reef aquarium systems. Yes, people with such education are a tiny little segment of the population as there are only a few tens of millions of us in a world almost six billion. Part of which population are the 40mph Terminal velocity types that are going to be shocked by desktop electron scanning microscopes 10 years ago, I-max on TV this year, 4K streaming TV sets in 2016 or 2017, semi-autonomous Fords in the showroom now, 400hp 3 cylinder DOHC tear-3 diesels on the road now, a fully autonomous Mercedes-Benzes in Los Vegas this week, and fully autonomous armed Robot Swarm-boats guarding harbors now.
  3. This is how a company destroys itself. When I was a kid people didn't say "copier" they said "Xerox" nor did they say "make a copy of this document" they "xerox (action verb) this document". I'm from Oklahoma City where they had the assembly plant for all the big office machines..........They also made a warehouse from one of the closed assembly building for all the returned equipment.
  4. Any second-hand 5 axis CNC mill can make any new shape from an aluminum blank in about two minutes.
  5. What did wagon makers say about Ford some 90 years ago? I remember what my Dad told me. I remember him telling me of racing with the other guys; about 20mph, they were called "crazy" that a human being couldn't breath at speeds over 40mph. Gamers aren't the ones buying-up all the COSMOS II cases, no window to show off their light emitting diodes. In this entire country (Philippines) I found one COSMOS (not the COSMOS II). Everywhere I go it's the same: "We don't have stocks, Sir." Same song with Tiger Direct. Now I'm thinking that somebody is buying those cases. You make your statement about home-made supercomputers not catching on without any scientific data when in fact it's yesterday's news already. First of all we're not talking about a hall full of servers, were a basketball player can't see over the cabinet. We're talking about parallel computing and if you look back in history you'll see that what runs in most individual, if not all desktops is more computing power than fought World War 2. If you go to your local bank they've probably got more teraflops than fought the Cold War which ended in 1991. IBM thought that when they left personal computing that the industry would collapse. IBM thought that Intel and Microsoft would be forced to stay with IBM when they pulled out, because; You guessed it! Home computing was a tiny group. Look at how much money IBM has missed out on from a product they invented. I thought that you were an innovative company, but now I think that you are wagon makers that fired whomever designed the COSMOS II.
  6. The Multi-GPU rack is coming and we need to make then work well and look good. A GPU needs about an inch on either side and a lot of cooling. Trying to blow air into the case doesn't work as well as blowing it out, so we're going to be sucking a horrendous amount of dirt into all of that equipment. Kids are building parallel computers, what they call "raspberry pi" and they work really well. Who would have thought that kids still in college could turn computing so completely around. Oh wait, I forgot; Gates, Jobs, Dell, Filo, Yang, Zukerburg... INVIDA Tesla workstation too, but they only have a little over 9,000 cores and a little under $10,000USD.
  7. Here in the Philippines we can't even get a COSMOS II case much less pretty it up any.
  8. We need 2kw power or more; give me something I can stick weld with.
  9. You guys are going to need to address this problem anyway and my GPU's didn't cost 200 bucks; they're $2,849.99USD before they ever got to FedEx. Also people are going to start making 40 node desk-top, so called "supercomputers" if the must use cell phone chips. Intel jacked up their prices for NUC's, but that only means that some Chinese company will get the money they could have made. It's only a short time till Chinese companies start coming out with a rack for GPU's with power cables and PCIe risers. I'm already lusting over your COSMOS II, so why in the world wouldn't you bring out the COSMOS 40 node Raspberry Pi or the COSMOS Quad/Quinn/Sex/Septa/Octo/Novis/Deca...GPU? The IBM PC XT filled up the case with two 51/4 inch floppies. Just about every body is as nuts as I am about the COSMOS II case and the "desktop supercomputer" is the way the way things are going to go. Just because Brian Krzanch is going the wrong direction trying to protect the price of his multi million dollar supercomputers doesn't mean you guys need to.