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  1. Well... I've tried pretty much everything by now, still disconnects after a few minutes. I'm sad to say that this KB is going back, which really sucks as it is pretty much perfect for me in every other aspect.
  2. Yeah, I've tried pretty much every USB 2.0 and 3.0 port. This rubber dome KB is driving me mad, but I already gave my other mech away, so I'm stuck with it till over the weekend.
  3. Just got my Rapid I, and I was really impressed with it, at least for the 10 first minutes. After that it all went downwards. I've tried pretty much everything with it. And it ended up with me buying a cheapo rubber dome just to get back into BIOS to change the settings. Mine keeps disconnecting every few minutes. At most it works for 10 minutes. I have new drivers, Legacy settings in BIOS is enabled, and I have no drivers that should be interfering with it. I have an Asus Z97-Pro MB.