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  1. @Arddhu Also live in Brazil. You bought PlayerID? My also malfunctioned and sent to the support here in Brazil, NTA - New Technical Assistance, gives? A week ago already got there, I will wait the 30 days and ask for the return of the amount I paid. If you want to add facebook to connect.
  2. Thank U. A representative CM Storm Brazil already contacted me.
  3. Unfortunately some LEDs died my Rapid-i. Exactly 3 months of purchase. I live in Brazil and also here in an online store recognized by Cooler Master (PlayerID). I wonder how I should proceed to the Warranty / RMA? I contact the store where efetuei purchase, or directly the RMA Cooler Master in Brazil?
  4. @Kamirox The ones you are considering dead, in fact they are with a minimum brightness, right? Appearing to be a bad ground contact, but I believe the problem is only firmware and nothing with the hardware. This keyboard is well built. Here the problem simply disappeared after I connected the USB 3.0 port. I was using a few days .. Now even plugged into the USB 2.0 port the problem does not happen anymore. All modes is working 100% Very strange that, but .. anyway .. not hurt to try. It's a great keyboard, only regretted not coming to Brazil the version with blue switch.
  5. Interestingly, I disabled the USB 2.0 ports in the bios setup. And let enabled only USB 3.0 ports. And the problem just disappeared! Test and to post results.
  6. @Pim van der Linde: Unable to return to the previous firmware. @michal429: Tested in other desktop and the same problem occurred. However, tested in a notebook and just does not happen this problem. Try other USB ports and tell us how proceeded.
  7. Only happens in this line of keys that shows the image (TAB - \). Except for the W key * That seems very strange .. When I'm typing for a few minutes at a time .. the problem disappears. With the v1.19 firmware has not had this problem at any time. The problem started after upgrading to v1.20. Thank you very much your attention.
  8. When the backlight ON, the mode 1 (all keys ON) - is apparently normal, all the keys remains constant lighting and with the same intensity. When the backlight ON, in other modes - The image problem appears, but the other keys remains normal. When the backlight OFF - image problem. *In some moments the problem disappears, and all modes are running smoothly. *It seems that the problem appears when the keyboard is idle. *When I'm typing enough, the problem disappears. Thank you for your attention.
  9. After updating my Rapid-i to the v1.20 firmware ... With the complete lighting enabled, all keys keeps the same intensity. But disabling lighting, or in other ways, a key sequence has with small glow, looking bad contact. Can anyone help? Image with disabled lighting.