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  1. Thanks. Will try. It is a very weird problem, sometimes the pump does not start and I need to On/Off it (with the aforementioned ghetto switch for a Coolermaster crossflow). Afterwards it works forever without a hitch. Anybody knows what will happen to the 280L with the AM4 socket? Are we going to be able to buy a kit so it can work with Ryzen?
  2. I foolishly cut the cable and modded it to a MOLEX connector, thinking I somehow damaged it. It is not RMAable.
  3. I have a 280L with problematic pump (doesn't always start so I modded it to restart the pump with a switch). Is there any guide to open it and take a look? Edit: Also, are there going to be mounting kit for AM4?
  4. OK, all fixed. Weird though.I used the motherboard headers and it worked like a charm for a while.After the third reboot it stopped pumping.I checked in the bios to make sure that the m/b does not have any fan control behaviour but apparently it does not want to do it right. I used a 3 pin fan to 4 pin molex converter (that I had to cut) and low and behold the pump started humming. I still can't figure out why my motherboard refuses to go full speed on any fan header. For reference I have an ASUS Maximus VI Hero and a 4770k. Now to overclock it further...
  5. I think my pump on my Nepton 280L died a few hours after installation.How can I check if it works? Edit:Fixed.Details below.
  6. Thanks! That was what I needed. I am buying it :-)
  7. I would like to buy the 280L for my setup(4770k and original CM Stacker STC-T01). I would ideally want to mount it outside.Can anyone measure the length of the tubes for me to see if I can make it fit without cutting the case?Thanks!