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  1. Thanks Dariomartial. Your reply makes me feel a little better. The cooler is keeping the beast of a CPU at 104F under heavy load, ambient is 68F. Just some maths on the RPM 9375 x 60 is 563,500 per hour 563500 x 24 is 13,500,000 per day 13500000 x 365 is 4,927,500,000 per year 4,927,500,000 x 5 years is 2.46375 to the 10th or 24,637,500,000 that is 24.6 BILLION rotations in the 5 year Warranty That is a lot of wear and tear on the Little Pump that Can. Hey Cooler Master, any details on the pump you can release?
  2. Howdy all. Just installed the replacement MasterLiquid Pro 240 in my system and the pump reports running at 9375 RPM, yea over 9K rpm. It is quiet, is not making any sound, no undo vibrations, but still. What gives? Is this normal? System CPU AMD FX-9590 stock MB ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0
  3. Owned my Nepton 240 for almost 2 years, Then one day it failed, ever boot after that, the system just threw a CPU Fan failure error and shut down. Never experienced a leak not even a drop. Anxiously awaiting the return of the cooler. Yes I would buy another.
  4. Is there a ventalated left side panel for the Cosmos SE? If none available, is there a mod that I can apply? Want to add more cooling towards the video card since the front panel fans have resrticted air flow, yes I have removd the drive trays. The drive cage can not come out, the front fans are attached to it. Would like to add a 140 or 200 mm fan. The video card is a hybrid (CL liquid cooled GPU, air cooled chips). Thanks
  5. I have the same issue. Except my mobo has diganostic LEDs. In my case the main power LED will come on but the mobo will not post. Swaped to a know good PSU and mobo posts. Just had the 24 pin and the CPU 8 pin connected. The PSU has been RMAd and was delivered 26 Feb to Cooler Master, though their RMA department is slow and it shows as being received on 5 March. Had to send an email to get that response. Not to happy with Cooler Master at this time.
  6. Take a look at the Cosmos SE it will take the Nepton 280L, once the cooler becomes available again.