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  1. haha tedalah. I was about to get Galax GTX 970 but it was not it stock. So the shop owner gave me this card with cheaper price. hahaha. Bukan orang KK bos
  2. Berapa harga satu kipas 120mm tu? paling kurang pun mau 40 - 50 ringgit juga ni satu?
  3. Wowww RO is a legendary game. So far seidon 120v plus is doing its job very well. but I'm still not sure whether to use pull or push configuration. But according to Linustechtips, pull configuration is better because to does not accumulate the dust on your radiator. So, maybe I will go for it. What's your opinion? Check this video :
  4. hahah manada. urang kaya pakai i7. ni pun kumpul duit lama juga la baru boleh buat. bah speaking la kita mcm tu
  5. Macam overpowered ja pakai PSU 750W tapi locked i3 + low end GPU. Nda balance
  6. [uPDATE] After trying to fit the card into my friend's CM Elite 120, it looks like I have to change my graphics card in order to use this case Here are some of the pictures :
  7. Thanks for the tips Inferno. I will try to install the card in my friend's Elite 120 to confirm. Edit : Btw, what version of R9 290 are you using?
  8. Thanks for the reply Inferno . About Its length, I already know that it can support up to 13.5 inch card. What am I concerned about is its width. As you can see from the picture above, this card is slightly more than 2 slots.
  9. Hello. I'm building my mini ITX pc this week. Just a question, will this graphics card fit into the case? I think the length is okay but I don't know about its width. http://www.zotac.com/products/graphics-cards/geforce-900-series/product/geforce-900-series/detail/geforce-gtx-970-amp-omega-edition.html