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  1. So that means, i am ok ? (sorry for asking too much, its the first time i use a cooling system like this
  2. i guess they are ok.. the tube bends a bit but i suppose its normal...i think that coolermaster has strong material on these...otherwise they would break easily...
  3. they can move a bit but not much ! ( i must apply force) but they are already pretty tight even before i installed them. i hope i will be okay...
  4. Hey guys, i bought a seidon 120v but there is something that worries me. because i have a small motherboard one of the tubes that comes from the radiator as you see in the photo pushes to the left. Is it possible for it to brake and leak ? the shop i bought it told me that its strong and wont break. whats your opinion?.. Thanks !! ( I have also connected the radiator fan to CPU_FAN1 and the pump to CPU_FAN2. My motherboard has CHA_FAN and PWR_FAN plugs. Where should i put the pump?? i have set everything from bios to max speed and configured them from speedfan)